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7 Shower Tips For Small Bathrooms

By on Jan 14, 2016
7 Shower Tips For Small Bathrooms

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Small bathrooms should never ruin the longevity, relaxation or calmness of a nice hot shower at the end of the day. While many of us suffer from a lack of space, no one suffers from a lack of creativity.

For all those who feel like they can’t enjoy a soothing showering experience due to their small bathroom, we found seven shower designs and tips perfect for you. By implementing some or all of these designs/tips, your small bathroom shower will feel like the spa you deserve.

Note: Some of these images contain larger showers, but the tips within are intended for small showers.

Narrow Shower With Windows

Small Showers Need Light

No matter how you design or remodel your small shower, everyone knows light is the key. Whether through windows, open doorways or light-colored walls, light will undoubtedly make your small shower feel larger than it really is.

As you can see from the picture above, while this shower may be bigger than some, it is very narrow. As such, they installed a tall window right beside the small rainfall shower head. Privacy aside, that big window certainly adds the illusion of a wider shower.


Small Showers Enjoy Skylights

In addition to windows, small showers greatly benefit from light above, aka, a skylight. Skylights add a bright, airy and spacious feel to an otherwise ordinary room. No matter how small your shower is, sun streaming from above will undoubtedly give you that spa-like feel you deserve.

Skylights are perfect for homes with pitched roofs, as you can see in the image above. Bear in mind, adding a skylight is not cheap. According to our skylight installation cost estimator, the average across the country is just under $1,450.

Note: All other tips mentioned in this article are cheaper than a skylight.

Open Concept Shower

Small Showers Feel Bigger with Open Concepts

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Homeowners across the country are utilizing open concepts in their kitchens and living rooms to enjoy a larger space. That same concept can work in your bathroom as well.

While this trend has not fully hit its stride in the bathroom, open concept showers and bathrooms easily give the impression of more space.

There are some downfalls however. First and foremost, water can spread throughout the bathroom. Unless you have a blocker, clean up is not easy. In addition, open concept showers limit the use of the bathroom. Many couples share the bathroom in the morning and an open concept shower won’t really help the situation.

Thinking of remodeling or adding a new shower in your home? See what it costs to install a new shower in your neighborhood.

Glass Shower Doors

Small Showers Like Glass Shower Doors 

If you do crave separation from the shower to the rest of the bathroom, then glass shower doors are ideal for smaller bathrooms. Much like open concept bathrooms, a glass shower door does not interrupt one’s sight and gives the illusion of one big open space. While many go the casual route, some throw in a creative twist to their shower doors like you see above.

On average, it costs $803 to install a glass shower door, but know that modern fixtures (like glass doors) can increase a home’s value. Likewise, many buyers look for glass shower doors when debating a new house.

Two Shower Heads

Small Showers can Fit Two Shower Heads

It may seem silly, but small showers can fit two shower heads. After all, no one needs two shower heads, but many add them to create that spa-like treatment we all deserve. If you are willing to spend the money, don’t let your small shower limit your shower’s accessories.

The shower above did not need two shower heads, but added them nonetheless. It may seem somewhat small, but no one would notice with shower heads on both walls.

Not sure if these ideas will work for you? See 7 Awesome Layouts That Will Make Your Small Bathroom More Usable.

Large Tile

Small Showers Appreciate Light & Large Tile

Nearly all showers have a tile surround. As such, if you are stuck with a small shower, go for light and large tiles. The stone tiles above, not as light as one should have, are very large. With larger tiles, you'll need fewer tiles to cover the walls. Because there won't be as many grout lines, the shower walls won't appear as broken up, which can make the space feel smaller. If your shower is extremely small, don’t use use tiles that are too large either. It's usually best to use tiles that are smaller than 20”x20” to achieve a balance between the tile size and the size of your shower.

Shower Caddies

Small Showers Love Shower Caddies & Built-In Storage

One of the best ways to brighten up your small shower is to add an untraditional shower caddy, like the squid shower caddies ($30-$70) above. Unlike shower shelves, shower caddies go down and do not extend out. As you can imagine, extending out makes a small shower seem like a tiny shower.

Likewise, built-in storage is a great addition to any small shower. As you saw in the large tiled shower above, built-ins take up zero square footage. When it comes to a small shower, that square footage is very valuable.

To see more fun and creative shower accessories, please check out 7 Amazing & Cheap Shower Accessories You Have To See.


Spa-like showers do exist in small bathrooms. By incorporating some or all of these ideas into your design, your small shower will undeniably feel like the bathroom oasis you deserve.

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