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7 Spooktacular Halloween Party Ideas

By on Oct 22, 2018
7 Spooktacular Halloween Party Ideas

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Halloween is just around the corner. Many people choose to throw Halloween parties at their homes. Though like any party, it does require some work beforehand.

While Halloween is a spooky holiday, planning to throw the best party on the block doesn’t have to scare you. Here are a few Halloween party ideas that are guaranteed to impress your guests.

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Halloween Party Ideas

It's the most frightening time of year. While many spend time dreaming up the perfect Halloween costume, others plan to have the best party on the block. Both kids and adults love to dress up and celebrate together. Like any great party, proper preparation is required. Here are a few Halloween party ideas you can use:

  • Plan Out A Frighteningly Delicious Menu
  • Clean & Tidy Up
  • DIY Halloween Decorations
  • Hang Halloween Lights
  • Encourage Kitchen Flow
  • Trick-Or-Treat Favor Bags
  • Host A Costume Contest

1. Plan Out A Frighteningly Delicious Menu

Everyone knows, the key to a great party is great food. When you think Halloween, what comes to mind first? I would guess candy and sweets are the first things to come to mind!

“Everyone loves a themed party! Hosting in a themed setting easily helps you decide on foods and drinks to make that fit the rest of the party,” Carly Pupillo, kitchen and bath designer at LaMantia Design & Remodeling.

But if you plan on having your party during dinnertime, you’ll want to think a little outside the box for more savory foods. Here are a few tasty ideas:

Whatever treats and appetizers you choose to serve at your Halloween party, Pupillo says that the work should start before the party begins.

“Try to prep drinks and foods ahead of time as much as possible to alleviate clutter in your main workspaces during the party,” she said.

2. Clean & Tidy Up

Unlike the spooky decorations you create, the way your house is presented should not be scary. Like any gathering, you should clean and organize before the party begins. A clean home will make visitors feel comfortable as they enter and will allow for the function you need for a successful party. It will also allow for a stress-free party for you.

“The more prep work you do ahead of time, the more time you will have to enjoy your own party with your guests,” Pupillo said.

3. DIY Halloween Decorations

One of my favorite things about planning a party is the unique decorations. Creating your own Halloween party decorations is fun for the whole family. You can create many Halloween decorations from items you may already have in your home. Pupillo shared an easy creative idea for you to try:

“Go crazy with cobwebs. Cobwebs are an inexpensive Halloween decoration that creates a spooky ambiance very easily,” she said.

If you’re looking for DIY Halloween décor ideas, check out ImproveNet’s Pinterest board to see a few of our favorites.

4. Hang Halloween Lights

Many people often associate decorative outdoor lighting with Christmas, but it can also be a great way to decorate for Halloween. Purple or orange string lights can be hung in trees to decorate your exterior. If you want to keep it simple, change out your exterior light bulbs.

“Colored light bulbs are also great,” Pupillo said. “You can replace standard light bulbs in any fixture inside or outside with an orange, purple, or green bulb to add to the fun!”

5. Encourage Kitchen Flow

A fun party is also a functional one. When thinking about food you’ll be serving, you’ll also want to consider how you’ll be serving it to your guests.

“Place appetizers and drinks in a location near the kitchen, or on the outskirts of the kitchen, but away from your main cooking areas,” Pupillo said. “This way, guests can feel like they are in the heart of the home with you, but not in your main cooking space.”

However, a functional party doesn’t have to be a boring one. Get creative with how you’re serving your foods. Use interesting bowls, serving utensils and more to entice your guests to eat more!

“Make a fun Halloween themed drink to serve in a creative container like a cauldron or ceramic pumpkin to avoid having an overcrowded drink station,” she said. “Everyone will choose the fun drink first, creating fewer items for you to provide.”

6. Tick-Or-Treat Favor Bags

Everyone loves a party gift. Halloween is the perfect time to treat your guests to something sweet when they leave. Pick out some of your favorite candies and have them waiting by the door as your guests leave. Here’s a great Idea from Queens Card Castle about how you can make an easy Halloween party favor.

7. Host A Costume Contest

For guests of all ages, a Halloween party is the perfect time for a costume contest. Have everyone vote for their favorite costume, and the winner gets a prize. You can even have different categories depending on how many attendees you have. Think scariest, funniest and theme costume. Keep the prizes on-theme with a box of candy or spooky treat for the winner.


Halloween is a lot of fun for everyone. If you’re hosting a Halloween party this year, use these tips to help prepare for a great evening. If you're looking for more fall-themed decor to work into your party, watch the video above to see our tips on how you can do so.

Looking for more Halloween ideas? Read 8 Halloween Decoration Ideas For Your Yard.

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