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7 Stylish Window Treatments For Any Home

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By Katie Carlson on Jul 9, 2016
7 Stylish Window Treatments For Any Home

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It’s easy to forget that something as simple as dressing up your windows has the ability to transform an entire room. This article is going to make you see your windows in a whole new light. Although not all window treatments are cheap, their ability to enhance the look of your home is worth the investment. 

While installing window treatments saves you money on energy costs, they’re also there to beautify a room and compliment your décor. Knowing that bare windows are rarely the best choice when decorating a room, see seven stylish and tasteful window treatment ideas for your home that I know you’ll want to steal.

Neutral Drapes

1. Neutral Elegance

It’s time to stop associating neutrals with words like boring and plain. Mixing and matching soft neutrals makes for a cozy and comfortable vibe. It’s a timeless and elegant scheme that’ll brighten the space and allow you to play with bright accent colors.

The right material and shade of neutral drapes will make the room feel larger and more inviting. If you must have color in your curtains then, look for a neutral style with a colorful or print border along the edges. 

Breezy Drapes

2. Breezy Look

Breezy isn’t just for the beach, but inside your home too. Sheer shades are dainty and classy. A light and airy drape will have you feeling relaxed and peaceful. Who wouldn’t want that ambiance in their living room or bedroom?

This is also a great look if you have or want to install French doors in your home. You’ll want to hang the curtains high and make the doors the focal point. Homeowners are also dressing up their outdoor patios and porches with breezy window treatments. Similarly, it’s the perfect solution for a vacation home or cottage. A big decision when choosing any curtains is to decide how much privacy you want them to provide. 

Red Drapes

3. Bright Colors

Bright and colorful fabrics are entering homes everywhere, and this includes on the windows they install. These fun hues are available in solid, sheer and patterned variations. Curtains are a practical and simple way to revitalize a room and draw in more color. Blinds and shades also come in a variety of playful colors and styles, so make sure you explore all of your options before installation.

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Consider going outside the box and committing to a bold and mysterious color like red. The color red is the color of energy, passion and action. This color is a warm and positive color associated with our most physical needs and our will to survive. Now if that doesn’t get you excited about life, I don’t know what will! Use color to create an energy in your home that’s captivating and irresistible.

Bold Contrast

4. Bold Contrast

The words bold contrast may sound a bit scary to you at first, but at least hear me out before completely disregarding this idea. Bold doesn’t mean tacky or disruptive, necessarily. A bold contrast has the potential to be striking and tasteful at the same time.

There’s a wide variety of lines, stripes, solids, colors and designs that’ll accomplish this idea beautifully. For example, in the image above the curtains are bold and colorful, but they blend with the rest of the room perfectly. It’s all about creating a cohesive design scheme that when all the individual pieces are put together in one room, everything flows.

Modern Windows

5. Sleek & Modern

Those of you out there who like a contemporary design will appreciate this suggestion. Modern blinds or drapes feature sleek, elegant lines with a clean appearance. They’re typically easy to maintain and aesthetically pleasing.

The basic definition of contemporary is "of the moment,” which produces comfort and luxury through current trends. Sleek modern window treatments consist of bold, bright and unexpected uses of color and materials, and represent a clean, effortless and minimalistic design. Solid colors that complement or contrast the other colors in your room will draw your eye to the window.

Floral Drapes

6. Flowery & Decorative Designs

Flowers, embellishments and decorative designs are back in style, but with an updated twist. Large floral prints in neutral hues or bright colors are becoming quite popular these days. Florals give a room that feminine and romantic vibe that makes you feel all homey inside. You can also go the other way and create a more tropical rainforest feeling if you’re into that style. Technology has come so far that your floral drapes and colors will appear clear and defined on the fabric.


If you like designs, but aren’t a huge fan of a floral pattern, then decorative schemes may be the thing for you. If you weren’t one for designs or patterns before, this example may change your mind. The gorgeous, sheer curtains above have a leaf pattern and couldn’t be any cuter! This is just one illustration of a decorative design in a sea of options and choices in the home goods market.

Bamboo Shades

7. Bamboo Shades

I of course had to include bamboo in my list of stylish window treatments because it’s an eco-friendly and gorgeous material to use in your home. Due to bamboo shades coming from a naturally occurring material, they provide a beautifully natural finish which is bound to enhance your décor.

Bamboo is actually stronger and more durable than most hardwoods. Not only are they stronger than wood blinds, but they’re also less susceptible to water and humidity. This is why you might see people using bamboo more in their bathrooms and kitchens, or as mini blinds, which also adds a layer of privacy.


There you have it, the seven hottest window treatment ideas for any home. You don’t have to like them all, but hopefully you found one or two that you’re willing to give a shot in your space. If you’re not ready to commit and prefer to do more research, check out our articles focused on all things windows for more information.

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