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7 Tips To Make The Most Of Your Medicine Cabinet

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By on Sep 15, 2016
7 Tips To Make The Most Of Your Medicine Cabinet

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Bathroom storage space is a wonderful thing, for those of us who are lucky to have it. Many homeowners have limited bathroom storage and are looking to make the most of it. Your small bathroom may puzzle you when it comes to keeping useful items out of sight, but let’s not forget the value of the classic medicine cabinet to help in your need for storage.

If your medicine cabinet is under-utilized and less than organized, you’ll be amazed at what a few little updates can do for your bathroom. Here are a few tricks you can use to take advantage of the space.

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1. Clean It Out

Like any bathroom organization project, the first step is to clean out the space. Medicine cabinets specifically tend to quickly gather empty containers, small items and more. Before you can organize the space well, you must throw out what you don’t need. This is also a great time to sort through pill bottles and toss what is expired. For any other medicine you can keep, write the expiration date on the top so you can easily identify when it’s ready to toss.

2. Determine What You Use Most

Medicine cabinets are usually an array of three to four shelves that are just about eye level. Generally, what you need to use regularly is habitually put in the same place while other items might be tossed astray when you use as needed. The simple solution to better organization of your items is by determining what you use first and working your way up from the bottom. Toothpaste and daily items should go on the bottom shelf while as needed medicines and bandages might be helpful on an upper-middle shelf, as those are typically used as needed. This will help you easily create a habit of organization for your medicine cabinet.

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3. Medicine Cabinet Organizers

If space in your medicine cabinet allows, a small organizer can be very helpful. Certain types are made to fit the small shelf size and can easily fit small bottles, Q-tips and more. This helps eliminate empty containers and allows for easy access to the items you need. Small cups can also work as containers for miscellaneous items. This is an easy and affordable way to organize your bathroom.

Did you know it’s more sanitary to keep your toothbrush away from the sink? With the help of a small toothbrush holder, you can store your toothbrush out of sight, protected behind the medicine cabinet.

4. Magnetize it

Loose items, like tweezers, bobby pins and scissors, can be the start of a messy medicine cabinet. With nowhere to go, they simply end up sitting on a random shelf. For any metal items, a magnetic strip tape is the answer. Simply attach the magnetic tape to the back of your medicine cabinet mirror and your metal items will no longer have to take up real estate on your shelves, making room for more bathroom storage.

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5. Incorporate Lighting

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Just as important as where items are stored in your medicine cabinet, is how you actually see those objects. While many of us have lights outside the medicine cabinet to illuminate the bathroom, it can also be a great idea to include lights inside the unit. This is a helpful feature to have if you ever need to grab something late at night or if your shelves are full. You can see exactly what you need when you need it. There are many of DIY options for medicine cabinet lighting like a touch light, but for a more permanent solution, consider installing a small light fixture.

6. Utilize The Outside

Now that you’ve made the most of the inside of the medicine cabinet, it’s time to see how you can utilize the outside space. Attaching hooks, either permanently or temporary, can provide a proper space to hang smaller items, like a mirror, washcloth or brush.

Don’t forget about the space that goes unused so often on the bottom of the cabinet. If it’s placed right over your sink, this can be a great place for under cabinet lighting to also put the focus on your sink and bathroom décor.

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7. Add Décor To The Inside

As much as medicine cabinets are for storage, it should be an item you love. By decorating it, you’ll be more encouraged to keep it clean and organized. An adhesive contact paper is a great way to add style to your medicine cabinet. Find one in your favorite pattern and fit to the back. You can even do the same to the shelves if you feel they need an update. This will add to the overall look and feel of your bathroom, so make sure it goes with the décor you already have.

Corner Medicine Cabinet

What To Do With Corner Medicine Cabinets

Corner medicine cabinets look great, but are not always the easiest to keep tidy. Their unique shape can sometimes make it difficult to organize. Stick with the similar tips above, like cleaning out and prioritizing what you use most. Since corner cabinets tend to be deeper, move the items you use more frequently to the front, so you avoid reaching over things that aren’t used as often. You may have more options for shelf organizers as well, to help make the most of this space.

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Medicine cabinets are an often overlooked storage space for a small bathroom. With a few easy bathroom organization ideas, you can make the most of all available space.

Looking for more ideas on how to make the most of a small room? Read Small Space Storage Solutions for more ideas on how to design for style and function.

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