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7 Ways To Improve Your Patio

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By on Aug 5, 2018
7 Ways To Improve Your Patio

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Having a patio in your backyard is a great space to use when the weather allows. It’s the perfect area to entertain and enjoy. But, like any area of the home, they can often use an update. An old and outdated patio is not one you’ll want to spend time enjoying.

Patio maintenance is one of the first steps to creating a better outdoor living space. From there, a lot comes down to how you use your patio and what your style is. If you’re looking for a few ideas, here are ways you can improve your patio.

Over time, patios must be cleaned and repaired. Contact a patio pro today for quotes from contractors in your area, for free!

Backyard Patio Ideas

Backyard Patio Ideas

While patios require less maintenance and upgrades than other areas of the house, it’s smart to evaluate your space at least once a year to see what improvements you can make. Not only will this help you enjoy your patio more, but it can also help its longevity. "Redecorating a patio can feel like a monstrous task, but there are some basic areas to focus on to have your patio looking new without investing lots of time and money," Rachel Craig, PR & communications at LampsUSA, said.

If you want a backyard patio you can’t wait to spend time using, here are a few ideas to improve it:

  • Make Patio Repairs
  • Eliminate Weeds In Patio Cracks
  • Install A Lattice Patio Cover
  • Power Wash A Patio
  • Invest In Patio Furniture
  • Build An Outdoor Kitchen
  • Add Potted Plants

1. Make Patio Repairs

Patios that have cracks, chips and fading is likely no place you want to spend time. Unfortunately, all these damages can occur as your patio ages. One way to make sure your patio is in great shape is by making repairs as soon as you see it’s needed. Especially with concrete patios, small cracks can become larger very quickly, creating even more damage. The average cost to repair a patio or pathway is $1,226, with most homeowners spending between $777 and $1,360 depending on the type of repair that’s needed.

2. Eliminate Weeds In Patio Cracks

A common problem in patios is weeds. They can come up easily between bricks or in cracks of the cement. This is not something that makes your patio look good. You can easily get rid of tall weeds by pulling them out yourself regularly. Or, mix a solution of one part salt and two parts boiling water as a natural weed killer. Pour over the weeds on your patio and they should die within a few days.

If you feel like your patio has become overgrown with weeds, you may want to contact a landscaping pro who can help you easily get your patio looking great again.

Install A Pergola

3. Install A Pergola

If you want a little bit of shade over your patio, but still want to enjoy all the outdoors has to offer, consider installing a pergola. These structures can be placed over your patio to provide a little bit of shade and elegance to your outdoor living space. A pergola is an investment, however. The average cost to install a pergola is between $2,000 and $15,000.

Power Wash A Patio

4. Power Wash A Patio

Rain, sunlight and other elements can take a toll on your patio. "Over the years, patios take a severe beating from the environment, not to mention general wear and tear. Stains on the patio are all too common but easily rectified. By applying acid stain, this dull concrete can be quickly brought back to life," Craig said.

You can also easily get your patio looking good as new again with the help of a pressure washer. This is a DIY task you can complete in an afternoon if you have the right equipment. Before you pressure wash your patio, be sure any needed repairs are completed first.

Invest In Patio Furniture

5. Invest In Patio Furniture

Much like interior design, exterior décor changes quickly. If you don’t have patio furniture you enjoy, you likely will not want to spend time relaxing outside. One of the hottest items to have right now is patio couches and armchair seating. These are usually made out of wicker or plastic material and include large, colorful cushions. It’s a must if you want to relax outdoors! Craig suggests hammocks are the current patio furniture trend worth investing in right now.

"This no longer needs to be restricted to our daydreams about lazy days on the beach," she said. "Hammocks are making their way into our patios. And not in a subtle way. Large circular hammocks can accommodate up to three people. And much to our delight, a tree is no longer necessary to implement these to your outside space, as many come with a sturdy structure.'

If you plan on doing a lot of outdoor entertaining, invest in an outdoor dining set you love. Make sure there’s enough seating for neighbors who will likely all want to come to enjoy your beautiful porch with you!

Install An Outdoor Kitchen

6. Build An Outdoor Kitchen

For the look of luxury and a functional outdoor space, you can’t go wrong with an outdoor kitchen. Consider the ease of not having to run to the kitchen to get water or chop ingredients. Instead, you can do it all from your outdoor kitchen. Patios are a great place to install an outdoor kitchen and keep everything in one place. The average cost to install an outdoor kitchen is $47,131, with most homeowners spending between $3,648 and $11,350.

7. Add Potted Plants

If you want to spice up your patio décor, but don’t want to spend a ton of money, consider adding a few potted plants. Find plants that will work with the lighting of your patio, as some flowers are more shade tolerant than others. If you don’t have a lot of space on your patio, get a few shepherds hooks and hanging potted plants to decorate around it. The small pops of color will be worth it!


A patio is a wonderful feature to have in any backyard, but they do need some TLC from time to time. Repair and maintain your patio as needed, adding décor items where you can. Consider a bigger upgrade like an outdoor kitchen if you really want to wow your guests and neighbors!

Looking for more patio ideas you can use? Read DIY Tips To Decorate Your Patio On A Budget.

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