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7 Ways To Remove Pet Odors From Your Home

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By on Jan 23, 2017
7 Ways To Remove Pet Odors From Your Home

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Our four-legged friends can sometimes be the most important family member in the house, or at least maybe they think they are. Pets are a joy to have around, but very few of us want our homes smelling like cat or dog.

If your pet spends a lot of time in one room or has repeated accidents in the same area, an odor can begin to form over time. I know right after a bath, my dog’s favorite place to cuddle up is our couch. Unfortunately, the lingering wet dog smell is less than desirable in the living room. A fresh smelling home welcomes all. Here are a few tips to get pet odors out of your home.

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Invest In Carpet Cleaning

1. Invest In Carpet Cleaning

Carpets can take the largest hit if there’s a pet in the house. Paw prints and odors can linger in carpeting. This creates stains and foul smells. If your pet is prone to accidents, this can also be a specific area of concern as those odors can have a significant impact on your carpet’s lifespan. As the first step with your carpeting, it’s a good idea to have them professionally cleaned. Steam cleaning can help to remove stains as well as killing any bacteria left on the carpet. The average cost to clean carpeting is $167, with most homeowners spending between $136 and $180.

Deep Clean Your Furniture

2. Deep Clean Your Furniture

Pets tend to find their favorite spots on the furniture and never leave. This can result in a pet odor that can grow over time. For this reason, it’s extremely important to deep clean your fabric. Take off all the cushion covers for sofas and chairs and wash every few months. To give your wash an extra scent-fighting boost, add one-fourth cup of apple cider vinegar to the washing machine.

If you find that the smell just won’t come out, even after a few washes, it might be time to have your upholstery professionally cleaned. Doing this annually can help you fight pet odors long term. The average cost to clean furniture is $151, with most homeowners spending between $123 and $159.

Essential Oils For Pet Odor

3. Essential Oils For Pet Odor

When you live with a pet, you may have to be careful of the products you use. Certain chemicals in commercial products may hurt your furry friend. Essential oil is a safe way to remove pet odors from your home. The first way you can eliminate these odors is with the help of an essential oil diffuser. Simply add filtered water and about seven drops of your favorite essential oil. I’ve found that wild orange works well to remove smells from my home, or a combination of lavender and peppermint.

Essential oil also works as an antibacterial as well, which is helpful if your pet has an accident. Add 10 drops of wild orange or lavender essential oil to a spray bottle with one cup of filtered water. Next time your pet has an accident, wipe up the mess and spray. This will leave the area clean and fresh.

Utilize Baking Soda

4. Utilize Baking Soda

When it comes to natural cleaners, baking soda is good for all. Specifically, when it comes to getting pet odors out of fabrics, baking soda can come in handy! Sprinkle baking soda over carpeting and soft furniture, letting it sit overnight. In the morning, vacuum the area and pet odors will be gone.

You can also make a spray with one part vinegar, one part water and two parts baking soda. This is helpful if there is an old stain or accident. Spray the affected areas and let sit for five minutes before wiping up.

Pet Odor Candles

5. Pet Odor Candles

If all the accidents have been cleaned, but there are pet smells still lingering, there are specific candles that can help eliminate these odors in the air. Pet odor exterminator candles have various scents that deodorize the air and leave a fresh scent begin.

Enzyme Cleaner

6. Enzyme Cleaner

When pets have accidents, especially puppies, they tend to go in the same spots every time. They leave behind a scent that that attracts them back to go again and again. Enzyme cleaners work to break down that scent so your pet not only goes where they are supposed to, but there’s also no residual smells left behind. This is helpful on flooring of all types. I recommend a spray for spot cleaning however, if your pet has had multiple accidents, you may want to consider a mop solution.

Keep The Litter Box Clean

7. Keep The Litter Box Clean

For cat owners, part of the odor may be coming from the litter box. Be sure to clean your cat’s litter box regularly. It’s recommended that litter boxes are scooped at least twice a day. You should also rinse out the litter box weekly with diluted dish detergent. Cats are very sensitive to smells, so don’t use a litter that’s too over-scented. Keep a deodorizer nearby the litter box, to catch any foul scents in the air.

No More Pet Odors


Pet odors are unpleasant for everyone. By utilizing a few of these techniques, you can keep your home smelling fresh and your pet happy.

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