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8 Closet Door Ideas That Add Style To Your Bedroom

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By on Aug 29, 2016
8 Closet Door Ideas That Add Style To Your Bedroom

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Storage space in the home is typically treasured among homeowners, especially that of a closet. But we don’t necessarily want our belongings out in the open for everyone to see. Closet doors are essential, but often forgotten about when it comes to home décor.

Don’t let your closet door become a boring feature of the room. You can work with what you already have to create unique décor for your room. Create a new look for your room with these closet door ideas.

Mirror Closet Doors

Why Style Your Closet Door?

Though you may not think of your closet door often, it’s a great opportunity to add a unique look to your bedroom. Often, these areas go unused as just doors but are typically a large feature in your room and is helpful to hide extra storage and items within your closet.

If you’re thinking about starting new, this may require more than just a coat of paint and a little bit of time. You’ll want to call a pro who can help install your new door, especially if it’s a sliding closet door where work will need to be done on the existing wall or a change in door structure. The average cost to install a door is $813, but this all depends on the cost of new door and if there is any remodeling to be done.

There are many options when it comes to creating a unique look with your closet door and can be an instant update to your bedroom. Additionally, there are many DIY options when it comes to decorating your closet door that will give you a new style in no time at all.

Closet Barn Door

1. Sliding Barn Door

Closet sliding doors are a great way to save space in your room. They don’t fold out like a traditional accordion door, so you instantly create more usable space. If you love the rustic look, a sliding barn door will help you achieve that theme in your room. If you’re having trouble finding a barn door, distressed wood doors are another option that still helps achieve that look.

With sliding closet doors there are typically two options. One option is to have your door slide into the wall, or a “pocket door.” These disappear into the wall so it’s completely out of the way when needed. However, this does involve some restructuring of the wall itself, so it’s best to contact a pro.

The second option is to hang the door with a closet door roller kit, where the door slides outside of the wall. This can be found at many local hardware stores and includes everything needed to hang your closet door. Be sure to find a kit that meets the specifications needed for thickness and weight capacity.

French Wooden Closet Doors

2. Closet French Doors

If you need a room update that will never go out of style, French doors for your closet is what you’re looking for. French doors open outward into the room leaving a large space for you to look through your closet. Try adding a bit of molding to the door to frame it further or paint it a sleek white to keep your French closet doors looking clean and timeless.

3. Modern Glass Doors

Rooms with a contemporary look will benefit from a modern glass closet door. Frosted glass sliding doors are a popular option for homeowners who want to hide their storage space while giving a new look to their room. Layered glass works here just as well and can often be framed as a traditional door with wood.

If you’re concerned about damage to the closet door glass, consider an acrylic option which has a similar look but comes in plenty of styles to find the one right for you.

Modern Closet Doors

4. Mirror Door

There is much to be said for the style a mirror closet door can add to your bedroom. If you’re like me and find yourself with mirrors not quite long enough to see your entire outfit, a closet mirror door is the solution. Not only does it help you walk out the door looking great, but it also adds light and décor to your bedroom. Though, you can forget the old and outdated accordion mirror door. Closet doors that incorporate mirrors into the woodwork of the door are trendy and add just the right amount of light to your room.

If you want to add mirrors to your closet, see DIY instructions from My Repurposed Life.

5. The Bifold Closet Door

Fall in love again with the traditional look of bifold closet doors. These space-saving doors can be painted and decorated to create a unique style. Here are a few ideas:

  • Add detail by installing wood molding in geometric shapes for a modern look.
  • Hang fabric from curtain rods on both ends and tie in the middle to decorate the door.
  • Replace your standard doors with shutters, if large enough.
  • Apply your favorite pattern of wallpaper to the doors to add a unique look.

Colorful Closet Doors

6. Pop of Color

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Is there a color you really love but are too hesitant in painting an entire room? A closet door is a great way to accent a room with a bright color without risking it all. You can repurpose any style of closet door with a fresh coat of paint. Bold colors like red, yellow or purple work well in contemporary rooms as accents to black and white. Light pastels can be soothing and will work well in rooms with neutral tones. If you’re feeling creative, try incorporating a horizontal stripe design to really give your doors a unique look.

7. Chalkboard Paint

Children and adults can all benefit from closet doors with chalkboard paint. This paint turns any surface into a chalkboard you can write on 48 hours after it’s been applied. You double the closet’s usefulness with not only storage, but a message board or an area where kids can get creative. Chalkboard paint is found in your local hardware store and is easy to apply in just a few hours. It’s a quick and fun update to any room!

Glass Closet Doors

8. Curtains

Maybe it’s to save space or versatility in style, but some homeowners prefer to opt out of a closet door for many reasons, though they still want to keep their storage out of sight. Curtains and fabric provide the disguise you need for your storage and have plenty of variety in style. A rod across your closet and the curtains of your choice is all it takes to give your closet a unique and airy look.


Closet doors don’t have to be boring. There are plenty of ways your closet can make a statement in your room, without sacrificing space. Upgrade your closet door today and see what a difference it can make in your room.

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