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8 Halloween Decoration Ideas For Your Yard

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By on Oct 16, 2017
8 Halloween Decoration Ideas For Your Yard

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Ghosts, ghouls and goblins, oh my! In the spirit of Halloween, spooky décor adorns the exterior and interior of the home. However, much of the focus aims to bring the festivities to trick-or-treaters, who will soon be at every door asking for candy.

Halloween décor in the yard will take center stage as costumed-guests arrive. Decorate to scare and impress! If you want to create a boo-tiful look in your home Halloween, here’s how.

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Front Door Halloween Wreath

1) Halloween Wreaths

Not just for Christmas anymore. The right wreath can be used for any holiday if you’re decorating properly! Colors like green, purple, orange and black will really pop for Halloween. Look for Halloween figures like ghosts, witches, snakes or eyeballs to add an extra bit of fright to the wreath.

Plenty of home décor stores sell Halloween wreaths, but it’s always a great DIY option! I love this festive DIY option from Thirty Handmade Days, putting a spooky twist on the traditional circle wreath.

2) Pumpkin Leaf Bags

If you have trees in your yard, it’s likely there will be no shortage of leaves in your yard as the cooler fall weather begins. Instead of using traditional bags to bring unwanted leaves to the curb, purchase festive pumpkin leaf bags that can add a festive fall touch to your yard, using what you were going to throw away anyway. Most home and garden stores carry these types of bags and in other varieties too such as spiders or witches. It will be the most fun you can have cleaning up the yard!

Halloween Sign In Yard

3) Spooky Signs

If you’re looking for a creative weekend project to get your yard ready for Halloween, a yard sign is an easy and fun project. Start with a piece of plywood large enough for you to work on. With outdoor paint, create a spooky scene. You can use stencils for this or freehand. Then add your favorite Halloween saying, here are a few ideas:

  • “Something Wicked This Way Comes”
  • “Enter If You Dare”
  • “Zombie Crossing”
  • “Beware Of Ghost”
  • “Fright This Way!”

When the paint has dried, you can either place the board in your yard or attach a small post with a few nails to stick into the ground.

4) Jack-O-Lantern

As a tradition for many families, the jack-o-lantern has become a common Halloween decoration. Light them up with a fake candle on Halloween night to create a haunting glow.

Of course, not all jack-o-lanterns have to be carved. Faces can be painted or drawn on. If you’re anticipating trick-or-treaters, be sure to put out a teal pumpkin, signifying you have allergy-free goodies available.

5) Faux Bloody Footprints & Handprints

If you’re looking for a Halloween idea that will really give people chills, try these faux bloody footprints or handprints. Using non-toxic, washable red paint, paint the sole of your foot or palm of your hand. Make footprints leading to your doorway or handprints splattered on the ground. These don’t have to be perfect! Remember to wash off the paint once this project is completed. If you’re not up for the task, see if there’s a family member who might be!

Faux Graveyard

6) Front Yard Cemetery

Transform your friendly-looking yard into a cemetery. Your neighbors will take notice when they see Ima Goner and Alby Bach on tombstones in your yard. These are easy to make and will add Halloween yard décor you can use year after year. For a complete tutorial, see Lilyshop on how you can make DIY tombstones for your yard.

7) Window Silhouettes

While your front yard will surely catch people's eye, window silhouettes can help create an even spookier look for your home’s exterior. Using black construction paper, trace the outlines of spiders, cats and skeletons. Use double-sided tape to hang in your window. When your lights are on, visitors will see the outlines appear in your window! Use soft lighting or colored bulbs to give it a mysterious effect.

8) Floating Ghosts

For those with trees in their front yard, it’s easy to create floating ghost ornaments that can hang from branches. It’s a fun project to do with family. Simply place a cotton ball in the center of a white coffee filter. Tie using a string and create a loop on the opposite end so you can easily attach to branches, bushes or trees. If you’d like, use a permanent marker to draw on a frightening face. Beware: these will not hold up in the rain, so it’s best to put them up as close to Halloween as possible based on your local forecast.


Halloween is a fun time to decorate your front yard and there are plenty of ways you can make it spook-tacular. Use a few of these ideas to impress trick-or-treaters as they come by on Halloween.

Do you love to decorate for Halloween? Share with us in the comments below what you do to make your yard look frighteningly great!

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