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8 Kitchen & Bath Space Savers Worth Trying

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By Katie Carlson on Oct 30, 2016
8 Kitchen & Bath Space Savers Worth Trying

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No matter how big or small of a house, all homeowners want to know how to save on space, especially in their kitchen and bathrooms. Regardless of how much room you have, it’s likely you’re always collecting and, therefore, utilizing your square footage to its full capacity.

Smart space savers declutter your home, make it easier for you to find what you need and improve the aesthetics of any room. Before knocking down your walls, see eight kitchen and bath savers worth trying.

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Hanging Crate Storage

1. Crate Shelving

Looking for easy, budget-friendly bathroom storage ideas that don’t require installing cabinets? Well, look no further. One crafty solution is to purchase a few inexpensive crates, or hunt them down at a craft store, and slap on a fresh coat of paint in the color of your choosing. Hang them on a wall to save space, or keep them at hand on the vanity. This will create a decorative and functional storage solution in your bath.

Floor Crate Storage

Another option is to take inventory of any free floor or corner space in your bathroom. Blank space is your friend when searching for storage enhancements. Collect, paint and arrange multiple crates from the ground up and display your items in attractive containers, or use them to store towels.  

Ladder Linen Tower

2. Ladder Linen Tower  

This is one of my favorite storage ideas, because it’s practical, and also looks attractive. On a side note, it can be used to hold your items in any room of your home, not just in the bathroom. Once again, paint or style the ladder tower to fit your personal preference, or that of the surrounding room décor. Wicker baskets add another level of charm for organizing and displaying on the individual shelves.

Built In Storage

3. Built-In Storage & Wall Cabinets

As you did with the floor space, take inventory of available wall real estate. Install built-in storage shelves as a quick and budget-friendly space saver that doesn’t require you to spend the money remodeling the entire room. Built-in storage hides and stores your items charmingly and unobtrusively.

Wall Cabinet

A wall cabinet above the toilet or sink is a clutter-free and functional solution. Install a mirror that opens, a few extra storage cubes and you’ll be more than satisfied with your upgrade. Don’t be afraid to stretch your cabinet across the wall in a horizontal manner to stow even more of your belongings.

Magnetic Board

4. Make Use Of Magnets

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If you’re not already, take advantage of the home decorating benefits magnets have to offer. Install a magnetic board to your wall to maximize space in a bathroom or kitchen. Apply small adhesive magnets to the back of compacts and pallets for convenience and organization. Include containers to hold brushes and liners. An adorable adhesive shelf liner or decorative frame quickly adds character and style.

Medicine Cabinet Organization

Lacking in or finding it difficult to share your bathroom space? Turn to the back and inside of your medicine cabinet door for support. Attach magnetic strips to adhesive hooks and acrylic containers for storing toiletries and other frequently used bathroom accessories. Spice canisters with a magnet are nifty little containers for holding small and easy-to-lose items like bobby pins and hair ties.

Storage Canisters

5. Container Everything

Next, let’s take a look at how to save space in your kitchen. The first piece of advice I have is to never ignore the power of a good container system. Those of you who already embrace containers are one step ahead. Neatly store and color code as many items as possible in your kitchen. Use them for decoration and to keep everything organized in your pantry and on your countertops.

Pull-Out Cutting Board

6. Pull-Out Prep & Trash

Anyone looking to save on space and improve their cooking prep efficiency should take notes. All you need to do is adjust a small section of your kitchen design to include a pull-out cutting board above a pull-out trash collector, and the rest will take care of itself. Take your productivity game to another level by making a hole in the cutting board. This allows you to chop and dispose of food scraps all at the same time, with no mess or clean up.

Cookbook Display

7. Create Cookbook & Coffee Displays For Décor 

Cookbooks are necessary for cooking delicious meals, but that doesn’t mean you should only bring them out when you’re making food. For many of us, cookbooks hold meaning, memories and family ties to those who taught us all we know about cooking up an amazing dinner. Free up limited cabinet space by arranging your cookbooks for show on empty walls or kitchen island shelves.

Coffee Display

Coffee, tea and alcohol are space hoarders on your luxurious countertops and in your cabinets. Move these items to an attractive rolling cart or small table against an empty wall. This also helps with crowd control when several people are in the kitchen getting a cup of coffee, while you’re trying to clean the counters or dishes. 

Wide Drawers

8. Wide Drawers With Dividers

Consider installing wide cabinet drawers instead of deep units if you’re in need of more storage space. Long drawers with dividers and room for pots and pans will keep your most used items separated and easy to find. Pulling out a drawer versus having to dig blindly into a dark and deep cabinet is worth it.


My final recommendation for creating space savers in your home is to test, rearrange and reorganize until you find a solution that works for you. Half the battle is committing the time and energy to improving your current layout.

Get rid of items you no longer need and focus on consolidating those you do. Finally, remember to consider how, and take advantage of, empty walls, corners and floor space that’ll help your cause.

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