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8 Large Bathroom Designs To Copy

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By on Jan 19, 2016
8 Large Bathroom Designs To Copy

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While many of us have to live with a small bathroom due to cost or space, large bathroom designs give us hope to one day enjoy a luxurious bathroom with a full tub, walk-in shower, plenty of counter space, heated floors or even a 60” TV in our very own master bath.

Forget small. We went big and found eight large bathroom designs we can all dream of. While the average cost is certainly higher than a standard bathroom remodeling project, there are certain designs and tips you can steal and use in your smaller or average-sized bathroom.

Large Bathroom Design 1

We have all heard of open concept living rooms and kitchens, but how about an open concept traditional bathroom? That is exactly what they did with this gorgeous bathroom remodel by tearing down a few walls and adding a custom spa tub below a glass ceiling and traditional chandelier. They even went so bold to add an open concept shower with a window above, mosaic tile surround and a rainfall shower head (a must in larger bathrooms). Finally, they added more than enough custom cabinets to store as many towels or clothes as they want.

Large Bathroom Designs 2

Large bathroom mirrors, as well as glass shower doors, are both terrific additions that make any space seem larger than it really is. Not that this space needs it, but the homeowners went with both to compliment the white framed mirror, the Carrera marble countertops, subway tile all around and the dreamy French doors.

Despite the clean, white look all around, they added a touch of chic with the vintage bathroom vanity. As you can see, it fits in perfectly despite the higher-end upgrades all around.

Large Bathroom Designs 3

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No matter what room it is, we can always use more countertop space and that is exactly what they did in this renovated bathroom with a very large custom cabinet drawer that fits up to 30 shoes and/or towels (little excessive). Nonetheless, they wanted extra storage and they got it.

On top of that, they decided to go with a gas fireplace at the end of the spa tub, stone tile, a stand-alone vanity with a large mirror (common theme with larger bathrooms) and traditional chandeliers. This is how you bring an old world concept into today’s remodeling standards.

Large Bathroom Designs 4

Corner tubs are made for soaking, relaxing and enjoying a long night with no kids yelling, no TV and no distractions. Well, if you are looking for such a night, this large bathroom design is it with a huge corner bath, porcelain tile floors and marble counters.

As you can see, they went with a healthy mix of colors to offset each other such as the dark cabinetry, light counters, brown walls and beige flooring. When you have the space, there’s no need to stick to one color palette. Step outside your comfort zone and add a few different color displays.

Large Bathroom Designs 5

Ignoring my opinion from the last large bathroom design that you should copy, these homeowners went the tropical route with a black and white master bathroom centered around a gorgeous rectangular tub. For good design measure, they also added white rocks around the tub, as well as a traditional white chandelier above.

Moving over to the very long vanity, they chose white rectangular vessel sinks, dark cabinets and counter-to-ceiling mirrors. The open windows, as well as separate rooms for the toilet and shower, perfectly compliment this bathroom renovation.

Large Bathroom Designs 6

We have not seen stone tile in many of our larger bathroom remodels, but they fully bought into the traditional/transitional design here with a complete stone tile tub and fireplace surround. Yes, the new fireplace may be a bit close to the head (unless you turn around), but once you step foot into this relaxing tub, you’ll never want to leave.

For extra ambiance, they added sheer window curtains, tall candles and sconce lighting between the sinks. Nonetheless, once again, the large tub transforms the room.

Large Bathroom Designs 7

To be honest, nothing screams amazing in this bathroom remodel, but there are a few subtle additions that can add certain wow factors to your small bathroom.

First off, the detailing around the framed mirror is a design element that certainly stands out. While this frame is certainly more expensive than the average mirror cost, custom frames such as these easily shine a glowing light in any small bathroom.

Furthermore, the bench seat (great for women doing makeup) and textured walls add to the simple, yet tranquil design. Textured walls are not as popular as they once were, but they still pack a terrific design punch.

Finally, just in case you’re spending all night in this large bathroom, a wall-mounted TV was added for both security and entertainment. When you have the space, why not?

Large Bathroom Designs 8

There are bathrooms that go above and beyond and then there are those fit for a king and queen. This one would fall into the latter.

The grand soaking tub, raised above, is tucked away in a cozy nook that faces right outside to the beautiful greenery. Once again, classical details are put at the forefront with antique white painted cabinets, an archway above the tub and large crown molding. Everything about this traditional bathroom screams indulgence.


These bathrooms were not designed for those looking to save a buck or two, but fortunately, certain design ideas such as detailed molding, large mirrors and vintage furniture give any homeowner the ability to have a relaxing and luxurious night in their own small bathroom.

If you don’t think these designs are right for you, please see 8 Small Bathroom Designs You Should Copy.

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