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8 Master Bathrooms Every Couple Dreams Of

By on Jan 18, 2016
8 Master Bathrooms Every Couple Dreams Of

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Your master bathroom is your sanctuary. It’s one of the most celebrated rooms in your home. Master bathrooms should help you escape to a spa-like retreat. We may not be able to afford the most lavish bathrooms in the world, but every couple can dream, right? Let us enhance those dreams with our eight luxury master bathrooms.

Brick Tub Master Bath

Let’s be honest. The master bathroom tub should be like a second bed. Throw in some jets and you are on your way to a spa-like setting.

This traditional bathroom remodel added a brick tub, recessed lights, Victorian candles, a large dark wood vanity and a mini-fireplace. Add in the sliding windows and this is the perfect room for summer or winter.

If you would like some professional pointers, click here to connect with a bathroom contractor in your area.

Best Lighting Bath

I thought I would stick with jetted tub theme. This DIY bathroom remodel took a closer look at the lighting. The homeowners added lights below the tub and on the walls to add a romantic feel to this renovated bathroom. Additionally, they decided to add a large glass shower with a rainfall shower head. Rainfall showers are becoming a staple in any master bathroom. If you are thinking of remodeling your shower, be sure to read our shower installation cost estimator

Large Vanity Bathroom

A big reason Americans remodel their master bathroom is extra storage. Bathrooms tend to get crowded and a great way to solve that problem is building your own bathroom vanity. Believe it or not, you can build a vanity for less than you think by converting a desk or dresser. That is why this renovation project made our list of cheap DIY bathroom remodeling projects that make a big difference.

Notice that this bathroom remodel also leaves extra space for both the mister and misses. I think every couple in America can agree that divided space is a must when it comes to the master bathroom. 

Stand Alone Tub

Speaking of enough space for the couple, this master bathroom takes the cake. This bathroom doesn’t only have separate sinks, but separate sides and vanities. For good measure, they also added a free-standing bathtub right in the middle. Understandably so, a bathroom remodel like this will cost you. See what you can expect to pay for a bathroom remodeling project like this.

Candle Tub

This bathroom remodel may include the biggest shower we’ve ever seen. Not only does it have built-in shelves, multiple shower heads and a rainfall shower, but it also includes a full bench. With a seating area and the relaxing aroma of the candles and large soaking tub beside it, who would ever want to leave this awesome DIY bathroom remodel?

Towel Heater

While the multiple shower heads may impress you, the towel warmer below the bathroom dresser caught our eye. There is no better feeling in the world than exiting a shower and rolling up in a heated towel. It doesn’t only provide warmth and comfort to your body, but given the advances in design, it adds the same to the entire bathroom. Given the tricky installation process, we recommend hiring a professional contractor.

All-Inclusive Master Bathroom

When it comes to the all-inclusive DIY bathroom remodel, this stunning transformation has it all. This remodel shows that islands have their place in the bathroom as well. They can add storage and style to any master bathroom. These homeowners added stone tile floors, a full dresser, a wood vanity and of course, a fireplace behind the master bathtub. DIY master bathroom remodels don’t get better than this.

Open Shower Concept

Remodeling a master bathroom almost always begins and ends with a master bathtub. This renovation certainly made the tub the focal point by placing it in the center of the bathroom right beneath a custom chandelier. The renovations also included a new open rainfall shower, a small bathroom island and plenty of cabinets for storage. 


Some of these deigns may not be in the cards for everyone, but they certainly take our imaginations to another level. Whether you are updating your bathroom or not, it’s always fun to dream.

Then again, maybe you want to make one of these a reality. If you seek the help of a professional contractor in your area, click here.

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