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8 Organization Tips To Create A Cleaner Closet

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By on Sep 7, 2016
8 Organization Tips To Create A Cleaner Closet

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Everyone has the best intentions to stay organized, but when it comes to closets, it seems like they can quickly turn into a place where items just disappear. If you struggle with organizing your storage space, you’re not alone.

Closet organizing can be quite the challenge. Without a proper plan in place, it can be hard to determine where is the best starting point. For closets big and small, you can transform your storage space with these eight organization tips.

Create a System

1. Sort It Out

This may seem counterintuitive, but first, you must take everything out of your closet. It’s important to begin organizing with a blank slate, to see clearly where items fit best. But before you start tossing clothes amiss, it’s also the perfect time to downsize. One of the biggest reasons a closet becomes disorganized is due to the items you no longer use, but are still storing anyway. Do you have an outfit or a pair of shoes you don’t wear anymore? It’s time to clear the clutter and remove these items you don’t use from your closet, permanently.

2. Divide & Conquer

Now that you have eliminated and downsized, you can begin to find devices that aid in organization. Closet dividers and rods are an easy way to keep clothing organized as well as save precious storage space. Hang one rod lower and the other above, to easily increase the usable space within your closet for shirts, pants and dresses. Use dividers as a marker to indicate what item goes on each rack, so you start developing a system. By following an organization system that works for you, you can ensure a clean closet every time you open the door.

Permanent Storage Solutions

3. Use the Rainbow

If you love color coding as much as I do, this closet organizing tip will be easy for you! Using the rainbow, organize clothing items in order from red to violet. This will make for a quick reminder as you put clothes away, to follow the color system you have set up, because you’ll notice right away when a color is out of place! This is a beautiful way to stay organized.

4. Think Seasonally

Do you really need your sweaters and long shirts within reach during the hot summer months? The answer is likely, no. Those bulky items sit in your closet and take up valuable space for six months until they are ready to be used again. The solution is simple. Swap out your clothes once a season by utilizing a container or box that can be stored under the bed, or even on the floor of your closet.

Not only will this keep unnecessary items from taking up room, but you also can get into the routine of seeing what clothes you don’t wear regularly. One technique I love is placing all your hangers the same way, facing inward. Once you’ve worn an item, place the hanger back on the rod facing the opposite direction, outward. When it’s time to switch clothes for the season, see what items on hangers have not been turned around. Those are the items you should give away or donate to stay clutter-free.

Utilize The Floor

5. Shoes & Accessories

Just as there are many techniques to organize your clothes in the closet, the same is true for other items for storage. A shoe rack is invaluable here. There are hanging and floor options available, depending on the space you have available in your closet. Here’s a great idea from A Loyal Love to create your own DIY closet shoe rack.

Shoes aren’t the only problem when it comes to organization of closets. Scarves and purses need their own place too. Use a tie rack to hang scarves neatly and small hooks from a rod to hang bags, keeping them off the ground.

6. Utilize the Floor

The floor space inside your closet shouldn’t be forgotten about. Closet floors become the most unorganized when they don’t have a purpose. Decide what is best to fit in this available space. Maybe it’s boxes of seasonal clothing, suitcases or a clothes hamper. Whatever it is, stick to it.

Beautiful Organization Woodworking

7. Plan Ahead

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If you’re a person that likes to see their clothes laid out for the week, a closet divider shelf is a great way to do that. You can either have cabinetry permanently installed or buy canvas storage that hangs from the closet rod. In each slot, there is plenty of space to place the outfits you wish to wear for the week. Not only does this give you peace of mind, but it helps to keep clothing from sitting elsewhere in the room or your closet.

8. Create Habits

When all is said and done, the most important thing to do when working towards closet organization is create habits. It’s easy to put things aimlessly throughout your closet, but your closet will be back to its old, cluttered look in no time. Select a system and create a habit. If you’re nervous about incorporating all new ideas at once, try to incorporate one new organization idea at a time. Even a small change can make a big difference.


A clean and organized closet is what everyone wants in a home they love. Starting with a freshly organized system is a great way to start any turning point in the year back to school, spring cleaning, or to mark a new beginning. Incorporate a few of these ideas to have a functional closet you’ll love.

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