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8 Pros & Cons Of Maid Cleaning Services

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By on Aug 25, 2020
8 Pros & Cons Of Maid Cleaning Services

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When you hire a maid cleaning service, you’re not just buying a clean living room, bathroom or kitchen. You’re buying time. You’re buying piece of mind. You’re buying experts who know how to get the job done.

Nonetheless, you’re paying for a service most homeowners like to accomplish themselves and with that comes certain advantages and disadvantages. Time to clear the air.

If you’re considering hiring a maid cleaning service, be sure to review the eight pros and cons below.

The Pros of Maid Services


Maids Have A Consistent Cleaning Schedule

Most homeowners have a schedule for work, kids, dinners, cleaning and an abundance of other activities. However, more often than not, life gets in the way and certain dilemmas come up. As you probably know first-hand, cleaning the house usually gets pushed to the side.

If you hire a maid cleaning service, you're hiring a consistent cleaning schedule done by someone else. Life can’t get in the way. Whether it’s once a week of once a month, you know your house will be cleaned because you hired a maid.

You’re Hiring Experts

Just like a roofer or an electrician, you're hiring an expert in the field. They know how to remove tough stains or funky smells. As with all home jobs, go over the specifics with the maid or group of cleaners before they start the work to make sure they can handle what you’re asking. Similar to a carpet cleaning professional, you want to make sure they know how to get the job done right.

You’re Buying Free Time

The No. 1 reason homes get dirty is lack of attention. Besides life getting in the way, many homeowners don’t like to clean. After a long day of work, who could blame you? Hiring a maid cleaning service buys you free time with the family. It buys you alone time. It buys you piece of mind knowing you have professionals cleaning your house as often and efficiently as possible.

You Never Have to Clean A Toilet Again

On top of laziness, homeowners “ignore” certain areas of the home, like the bathroom, because they don’t like scrubbing floors or toilets. To be honest, there are some jobs, like reaching in vents or cleaning the attic, that homeowners don’t have a stomach for.

Maids, as long as you fairly compensate them, are ready to take on any project, no matter how dirty the job may be.

Despite all these pros, maids will not do every chore. See what you can expect by watching the video below:


More Expensive than DIY

Whenever you hire a pro, there are certain costs that come with it. Maid services are not expensive, but they do bring a cost many homeowners skip by doing it themselves.

The average national cost of hiring a maid service is $155, with apartment cleaning coming in at $95. Many factors may influence this price, including the size, number and types of rooms you want cleaned. Scheduling, clutter, pet hair and other special cleaning considerations such as washing windows may increase the price. The number of stories and square footage of your home will also be considered

The Trust Factor

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Many homeowners have cleaning services come during the day when you’re away at work. After all, if you were home, you could do it. However, whenever you have a stranger come into your home while you’re away, you’re putting a huge amount of trust in their hands.

You have to trust your maids. You have to be 100% certain that they operate with the utmost respect and honesty that comes with any professional service. This is why we highly recommend you sit down and discuss the job before hiring. Build a relationship. Build a bond. After all, if you trust them to clean your entire home, you better have a strong bond behind it.

They Don’t Know “Your Way”

Maids clean bathrooms, kitchens, floors and walls their way. They like to use the same materials and cleaning methods. Well, these materials and methods may not be what you’re used to. Some solutions may have funky smells. You could be allergic to them. Since these maids don’t know your cleaning tendencies, they may get it wrong once or twice.

Additionally, maids also like to place items where they think is best. Well, that may not be where you like it. Once again, it will take getting use to. This is why an open and honest relationship throughout the entire process is paramount.

Consistency is Not A Guarantee

Depending on the size of your maid cleaning service, you could get a different maid each week or month. No maid has the exact same methods and schedule. This could cause confusion.

Once again, an open line of communication between you and your maid service is vital. If they’re not going to send the same person or team each time, they have to let you know. Oftentimes, this will drive your cost down and alter your house cleaning expectations.


Hiring a professional cleaning service brings homeowners a piece of mind and freedom they can’t get if they chose to clean their homes themselves. Nonetheless, it comes with a cost many choose to ignore. Now that you have the best of both sides, it’s time to make a decision.

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