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8 Ways To Design Your Home With A Rustic Theme

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By on Jul 1, 2016
8 Ways To Design Your Home With A Rustic Theme

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Rustic design emphasizes the rugged, natural beauty. Although it was originally inspired by log cabins, contemporary rustic decor ditched the somewhat heavy and dark look for a more fresh, homey and grounded style. With its organic textures, shapes and earthy tones, the rustic design will give your home a true gateway in the heart of the city.

Since this trend is all about being closer to nature and celebrating the art of repurposing, you can easily achieve the rustic look with a couple of clever solutions and techniques.

Rustic Kitchen

1. Open Floor Plan

Rustic homes are usually more open and airy, without visual blockers to interrupt the flow from one room to another. Avoid placing dividers such as a large sofa or table between the different areas in the house. For example, the dining room can blend well into your living room. This type of floor plan also makes domestic cleaning or spring cleaning and general maintenance pretty easy.

2. Natural Elements

Rustic design is raw, unrefined and boldly authentic. Incorporate natural materials such as wood, metal and stone in your interior. Pick organic fibres such as wool, hemp or cotton for your rugs and blankets. Use stone on your fireplaces, sinks and countertops.

Tree branches and thick trunks can be used for bases of tables. Large wooden center islands can definitely raise the game for your kitchen. Wood planks will make amazing wall shelves. Metals like bronze and galvanized corrugated iron works great in a rustic home, adding depth.

Modern Rustic Room

3. Weathered Materials

Rustic interiors evoke a sense of connection to the past. The decor elements should appear older and worn out. Distressed and tarnished metals, surfaces with a little age on them and seeded glass will automatically enhance the rustic look in your place. Again, wood is the key to creating that log cabin appearance. You can include it in almost any part of your home, from window casing and blinds, to walls and flooring. Use reclaimed wood for your table, kitchen cabinets and countertop to add up some of the simplicity and cosiness of an old-fashioned home.

4. Organic Shapes

Simple shapes and rugged surfaces are major elements of rustic decor. Pick furniture and accessories with slightly rough form. Avoid overly-tailored or mass-produced items. However, you can bring in a few sleek and clean surfaces such as simple cabinetry and shelving to tighten up the overall look.

Rustic Family Room

5. Warm, Earthy Colors

To give your home that rustic appearance, use warm colors like rust and burnt orange and earthy tones such as olive green and multiple shades of browns. The rustic palette is inspired by the fall scenery. Think of the colors of the fall trees. Whether you use them in the sofa, bedding, art or accessories, adding these hues to the decor will create an inviting and cozy atmosphere. Golden yellow, red and faded turquoise are ideal for accent pieces. Warm colors will help create contrast and dimension in your living space.

6. Repurposed Items

One of the great things about rustic design is that you can make use of what you already have. If you stumble on an old object while cleaning your home, don’ throw it away. Wire baskets can be turned into light fixtures, tarnished pails into sinks and wooden crates can be transformed into wooden treads. With rustic design, you have the freedom to explore your DIY skills.

Neutral Rustic Living Room

7. Textural Fabrics

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Decorate your home with different textures and undertones to make the place come to life. Forget about the delicate textiles like lace and silk. Go for sturdy fabrics that give the typical wear and tear appeal of a rustic decor. Burlap, linen, cotton and wool are durable options. A thick woven blanket will bring nice texture to your place. Another benefit of the organic fabrics is that they don’t stain easily and don’t require frequent cleaning. Mix and match different patterns and fabrics to create versatility and a homey look.

8. Accessories

When it comes to accessories, pick roughed up pieces or nature inspired details. Put a couple of pine cones on your table setting or on your shelving to enhance the outdoorsy theme associated with a rustic design. The home-grown appeal of folk art will look well in a rustic interior. Rugs and blankets with ikat or quilt patterns and earthy tones will add a unique tinge to your place. Bring the woods inside your home by including a print art or photography of a nature scenery. Even if you don’t have a fireplace, fill your living space with candles. Warm and offbeat lightening will bring a sense of intimacy to the room.

Relaxing Rustic Living Room


With its natural warmth and organic shapes, rustic design is becoming just as popular in the urban environment as it is out in the woods.

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