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9 Awesome Living Room Designs

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By on Jun 9, 2014
9 Awesome Living Room Designs

While the kitchen and bathroom remain the most trafficked rooms in the home, the living room tends to be the happiest. It’s your place to unwind. It’s your domain to sit back and relax after a long day at work or taking care of the kids.


As a result, the living room must be your favorite room in the home. It must make you forget your daily struggles. It must be able to calm the senses and silent all those annoyances in everyday life. Needless to say, the task of designing such a room is easier said than done.

That is why we have found nine of the best living room designs. Whether you’re more of a modern girl and rustic cabin-dweller, one of these living rooms is sure to spark some inspiration before your next home remodeling project.

Traditional Living Room Designs

Traditional Living Room

I thought we would start off with some of the old classics and move through time. Well, there is nothing more traditional than wooden homes with brick fireplaces. The sign may say game room, but traditional living rooms were all designed with hardwood floors, large fireplaces, wood shelving and a few checkerboards here and there.

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Traditional Living Room

Grand living rooms call for grand spaces and this one certainly allows for it with the very tall ceilings, tile floors and one of the best custom fireplace mantels we have ever seen. Gold designs were and still are popular among traditional living rooms, as you can tell by the large drapes, long couch, two armchairs and wall color.

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Cabin Living Room Designs

The Cabin

Before moving into the rustic theme, I thought we would take a detour to the cabin. Cabins tend to have a mix of traditional and rustic designs and this lovely living room fits right in. They of course have hardwood floors, dark furniture and a custom wood fireplace with plenty of wood for the night. The large windows are a must when it comes to cabin living rooms.

Rustic Living Room Designs

Rustic Living Room


Rustic living rooms tend to have hardwood floors and wood beams, but this new-age living room design does a good job of mixing and matching various materials throughout the room. They have a concrete back wall, brick along the side and white paint in front.

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Eclectic Living Room Designs

Eclectic Living Room

As we move along our living room timeline, this eclectic living room does a good job of slowly evolving from rustic to contemporary with the eclectic furniture art pieces throughout. Other than the hardwood floors, consistency does not apply here with the rustic tables, eclectic furniture, modern fireplace and tribal art pieces all around.

Contemporary Living Room Designs

Contemporary Living Room

Despite the carpet flooring, every other design element in this remodeled living room screams contemporary. The open shelving, merged dining room table (dangerous with carpet), grand piano and dark furniture gave these homeowners the warm and cozy feel of a timeless living room design.

I admire their boldness in color. You don’t see that shade of green and blue as often as you’d think.

Modern Living Room

Taking one small step ahead is this contemporary beauty. While it has all the makings of a modern living room, it fell in our contemporary designs due to the open wall, hardwood floors and tiled fireplace. It was a good call to open up that dining room wall as every designer moves towards the open concept frame of thought.

Modern Living Room Designs

Modern Living Room

On the surface, this living room may seem more rustic thanks to the floors or tropical thanks to the natural sunlight, but when you add in the open concept, white furniture, white paint, window panels on top and glass living room tables, modern seems like the logical call.

Modern Living Room

Condo living usually calls for smaller living rooms and that is why everyone is going with an open concept. It makes the room feel bigger and lets homeowners easily move throughout the floor.

They went all out on modern living room design with the stainless steel appliances, the raised drawers, white furniture, dark floors, iron breakfast bar chairs and recessed lighting.


Now that we have traveled the living room design spectrum, you should have the inspiration to go out and redesign your new or existing living room.

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