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9 Decorating Mistakes You're Making Without Realizing It

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By on May 20, 2016
9 Decorating Mistakes You're Making Without Realizing It

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Most homes use plenty of decorations to add to the look of a room. But it’s hard to determine if you're using these items to bring out the best of your home. You’re probably wondering if there is a way to decorate incorrectly but, after reviewing these examples, you may find that you’re guilty of some of these decorating mistakes.

These mistakes aren’t always the most obvious, but after implementing the solution, you'll see the difference. Let’s review some common decorating mistakes, as well as a few stylish solutions.


Decorating Mistake #1: The Cluttered Table or Dresser

This is a common decorating mistake, mostly because people love their picture frames, candles and knick-knacks. There’s no shame in that, but there’s a way to do it.

The solution is to opt for hanging picture frames. Not only do they help to save space, but some can hold multiple photos at once. They’ll even help to add style to your walls.

Decorating Mistake #2: Overly Matching Your Decor

We’ve all been told that matching is a good thing and it certainly can be. However, matching too many items is a decorating mistake. It’s perfectly alright to stick to a specific color scheme, but don’t get caught in making everything one single color.

The solution is to add small pops of color! This doesn’t mean throwing in every color, but you shouldn’t be intimidated by it either. Some of the best decorations have multiple colors. The same goes for designs and textures.

Paint Color

Decorating Mistake #3: Poor Lighting

What’s the point of having spectacular home decor if poor lighting doesn’t let you and your guests enjoy it? This occurs when there’s only one big source of light or when the light sources aren’t placed properly.

Instead, try putting your light sources on different height levels. You can think of it as layering. This can be accomplished in multiple ways. Use small wall lights on upper levels and lamps on lower levels.

Decorating Mistake #4: Furniture Not Fitting Properly

Homes come in all different shapes and sizes, but so does furniture. If you have a smaller home, you still have options. One example is seating. If you have a small living space but need a lot of seating, you don’t need to cram in two or more large couches.

Opt for some decorative chairs, they can be just as comfortable as sitting on a couch. You can also be creative with chairs by mixing and matching different colors and designs. The same goes for every other piece of furniture. There are always smaller options or different shapes that may fit better. Bring your room’s measurements to pros if you need extra guidance.

Rug Size In Room

Decorating Mistake #5: Floating Island & Postage Stamp Rugs

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Floating rugs look disproportional and create a separated look. This can occur if the rug is too small to begin with. 

Try to let furniture touch the rug. Placing furniture on top brings the room together and provides a cozier feel. Make sure your rug is big enough to accommodate this.

Recommended rug measurements: 

  • Dining Table: 6 chair table: 8'×10′, 8 chair table: 9'×12′, 10 chair table: 10'×14′
  • Bed: queen size bed: 8'x10’, king size bed: 9'x12’

Decorating Mistake #6: Lack of Decor In Entryway

It’s not uncommon for the entryway to be ignored. It’s often forgotten about because it’s not a room or a place where people typically socialize or spend time. While this is true, it’s still a part of your home.

Decorate with a plant, mirror, vase or rug to give the area a welcoming feel. Your choice may depend on the size and shape. A decorated entryway is a hospitable entryway! After all, the entryway is one of the first areas a visitor will see when entering your home.

Be Mindful Of Throw Pillows

Decorating Mistake #7: Failing to Check the Paint Color In the Light of the Room

Many people see a paint color they like and purchase it, but the problem with that is paint colors don’t look the same everywhere. Lighting is different in the store, as well as other rooms of your home.

View the color in the room you are painting. Bring a sample can home, paint a small section and let it dry. This way, you can keep track of how the paint looks at all times of the day and in all types of light. You don’t want the unpleasant surprise of disliking the paint color once the room is already covered in it. To go along with this, don’t pick your furniture before your paint colors. You may end up changing your paint decision multiple times and it’s easier to change paint than it is to swap furniture.

Decorating Mistake #8: Too Many Throw Pillows

An excessive amount of throw pillows can take away from the furniture and other home decor, as well as leave the room looking cluttered. In some cases, simple is better and this is one of them.

It’s more than alright to have a few throw pillows, even ones of different colors and designs, but don’t overdo it. It’s understandable; they’re cozy, but there are other options. If more comfort is what you’re looking for, try a bean bag chair or a pouf!

Decor Chairs

Decorating Mistake #9: Keeping Old & Disliked Decor for the Sake of Keeping

If you want to love the way your home looks, you’re going to have to say goodbye to any items that no longer work with the rest of the home. Sell these items at a garage sale or donate them. Don’t feel guilty if this decor doesn’t make you happy or compliment your home any longer. Holding on to it will only cause clutter.


Now that you’re aware of this list of common decorating mistakes, it’s up to you to make any changes in your home. On the other hand, you can contact an interior designer for some advice. Don't worry, you’re definitely not alone. Happy decorating!

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