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9 Easy Halloween Decorations

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By on Oct 24, 2014
9 Easy Halloween Decorations

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Halloween decorating is one of the few home design and remodeling activities where the actual process is as exciting as the end product itself. Creating, designing and hanging Halloween décor is a fun activity you can do with your kids, spouses and friends.

Assembling scary or comedic designs is the easy part, but coming up with new and exciting ideas is anything but. That is why I have found nine easy Halloween decorations you can create for under $100. Not only will these amazing Halloween décor items not hurt your wallet, but all will give you valuable time with the kids before they rush out for all that candy.

1. Chalkboard Pumpkin

Chalkboard Pumpkin Menu

There will be enough orange to go around. Do something different with your pumpkins this year by painting them with chalkboard board. As you can see above, the black not only blends in with most Halloween themes, but it’s the perfect holiday centerpiece. In fact, you could even use it to write the menu of your holiday meal.

To complete this project, all you need is a pumpkin, a small bucket of chalkboard paint and chalk.

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2. Clever Pumpkin Design 

Clever Pumpkin Painting

Have you ever wondered how clever homeowners paint their pumpkins with what seems to be perfect precision? Well, it’s not magic. All it takes is a little painting tape.

As you can see above, just like painting a wall, Sandra Lee put painting tape along the pumpkin to make sure she stayed within the lines. After adding white paint and removing the tape, you are left with a beautiful, creative and perfect pumpkin décor item for your home.

3. Scary Halloween Décor

Big Spider

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The basic premise of Halloween is to scare. Thousands of haunted houses and Halloween movies prove my point. As a result, homeowners have brought that mentality into their Halloween decorations.

These homeowners decided to go insect on us with a huge spider hanging in their dining room. Adding to the fall and Halloween theme, they also added small pumpkin décor and a dark lamp cover.

Except the pumpkins, all other décor items you see here can be purchased at your local Halloween store for less than $100.

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4. Dark Mantel

Dark Mantel

Cozy fireplaces are meant to be transformed every Halloween and these crafty homeowners took full advantage. The black gauzy fabric draped over the edge gives it that haunted feel, but the skulls, pumpkins and spiders take it over the top.

They even went one step beyond by adding spider webs all around, as well as scary ravens and crows. Way to go DIY Halloween decorators!

5. Orange & Black Lanterns

Orange Lanterns

Halloween decorating does not stop at the dining room. Believe it or not, there are easy and cheap décor ideas that work throughout the home.

Assorted lanterns (preferably orange and black) are a perfect compliment to any hallway. Not only does it provide an exciting design element between rooms, but it can also bring new light to a plain white wall. Furthermore, if you’re hosting a Halloween or Thanksgiving party, it’s a perfect way to block off one area of the home. After all, we wouldn’t want the guests bringing their dirty shoes into the bedroom.

6. Light Halloween Décor

Light Halloween Decor

Halloween décor does not have to be scary. As you can see in both images above, to add a bit of Halloween fun to your backyard, all you need is some Halloween candy (which I am sure you are piling up right now), a few pumpkins and pinecones.

After carving funny faces within the pumpkins, put them in a large vase and use it as a table centerpiece. Then, surround it with colorful candy.

Need help with pumpkin carving. See an easy get started video below!

7. Outdoor Décor

Outdoor Decor

Halloween decorations should be placed inside and outside the home. Therefore, it’s time to move outdoors.

The witch crashing into the tree is a classic Halloween décor item you can find at any Halloween store. While the ghosts on the right can also be purchased, you could save some money and make them at home.

As long as you have string, tissues, rubber bands and a black sharpie, you too can create these fun little ghosts. First, take a few pieces of tissues and scrunch them together. Then, take another tissue and wrap it around your ball of original tissues. Take your rubber band and wrap it just under the ball of tissues. Draw some faces, grab the string and you’re done.

8. Halloween Door Décor

Halloween Door Decor

The most popular place to add Halloween décor outside the home is the front door. After all, the door is the gateway into the home. If you took the time to decorate inside the home, you might as well get your guests in the mood by decking out your door with fun and scary Halloween décor.

Above, you’ll see a nice contrast of taste with the right door going casual with a Thanksgiving wreath and the left going classic Halloween with a dark cover. Each have their pros and cons, but both ideas are cheap and easy to accomplish.

9. Halloween Lights

Halloween Lights

I saved the most common décor item for last. These classic Halloween lights illuminate the front porch of these DIY Halloween decorators. It gives the outside of the home a fun element we all seek every October (or December for that matter).

These lights are very cheap and can be purchased at many Halloween and hardware stores.


Halloween decorating does not have to be expensive or time consuming. It should be a fun activity you and your family can enjoy every year.

For more fun Halloween decorating ideas, see how to make Halloween props with household materials.

Source: HGTV

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