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9 Items You Probably Forget To Clean & When To Do So

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By on Apr 2, 2018
9 Items You Probably Forget To Clean & When To Do So

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You may have a cleaning routine, but how comprehensive is it? Not everything in the house needs to be cleaned weekly, but there are some items that you might not remember ever cleaning. Not only is it unsightly, but it can also impact your health.

You may be surprised to learn what in your home actually needs a good scrub and how often you should be cleaning it. Here’s our list of nine items you probably forget to clean on a regular basis and when you should be doing so.

Cleaning pros are the experts when it comes to finding the little details that need to be cleaned. Contact a cleaning pro today for up to four quotes from contractors in your area, for free.

What You Must Clean

Most homeowners have a cleaning routine they follow weekly and monthly. These can include mopping the floors, dusting and cleaning windows among other tasks, but, there are many other items in your home that can use some TLC; not to mention that dust, dirt and grime can accumulate over time causing indoor air pollution. You’ll notice a difference immediately. Here’s what you should be cleaning, but probably aren’t:

  • Mattress & Sheets
  • Coffee Maker
  • TV Remote
  • Toothbrush Holders & Bathroom Accessories
  • Floor Mats
  • Walls & Baseboards
  • Ovens
  • Ceiling Fans
  • Refrigerator Shelves
  • Irons

Mattress Cleaning

1. Mattress & Sheets

There’s nothing better than climbing into a warm bed at night, and you likely already have a routine to keep your bed fresh. But, no one is exempt from the bacteria that bedsheets and a mattress can harbor. According to Business Insider, humans produce 26 gallons of sweat when they sleep in bed per year, not to mention the number of bacteria and fungi that are produced because of it.

Does that have you wanting to clean your mattress and sheets right away? It's recommended to wash bedsheets at least once a week. Keep two or three sets at home so you always have one available. Getting new pillows at least once a year is also advised, especially if you have allergies. As for your mattress, it should be deep cleaned at least once a year. For the best clean, you’ll want to contact a pro. Otherwise, laying down baking soda for about an hour and then using a vacuum to clean it up is an easy DIY way, but is less effective than a professional cleaning.

Coffee Pot Cleaning

2. Coffee Maker

When you run out the door in the morning, do you always have a cup of joe in hand? A regular drip coffee maker is a staple in many kitchens, but if not cleaned regularly, you can be causing buildup and bacteria to grow. Clean your drip coffee maker monthly by brewing together one-part vinegar and one-part water.

Remote Control Cleaning

3. TV Remote

For as often as you clean your living room, do you remember to clean your remote control? Depending on how many people are in your family, a TV remote can touch many hands. You’ll want to clean your remote weekly with a disinfecting spray, using a Q-tip to get any dust around the buttons. Clean more often if anyone in your household is sick. It can stop a cold from spreading!

Toothbrush Holder Cleaning

4. Toothbrush Holder & Bathroom Accessories

If you have a regular bathroom cleaning routine, you’ll want to make your toothbrush holder and bathroom accessories a regular addition. Toothbrush holders are particularly important because it’s home to objects we use in the mouth regularly. Try soaking it in mouthwash to safely get it sparkling clean again. For other bathroom accessories, wipe down with a bathroom disinfectant. I always prefer eco-friendly products when cleaning, especially in the bathroom, because I know it's safe for my family and the environment.

Floor Mat Cleaning

5. Floor Mats

In high traffic areas, floor mats are a great way to make a hallway or entryway more comfortable. But, if not washed regularly, they can make your flooring look dirtier than it really is. If your floor mat is small enough, toss it into your washing machine weekly. If not, remember to vacuum it when you clean the rest of your carpets.

6. Walls & Baseboards

Did you know you should be cleaning your walls and baseboards? It might sound excessive, but take a closer look at the walls in your house, do you see dust and maybe even some cobwebs in the corners? Monthly, you’ll want to use a feather duster to go over walls and baseboards, focusing on the corners. Every six months or so, you’ll want to wash your walls too, to take off any built-up dust.

However, cleaning your walls and baseboards is a big task if you’re doing the entire home. Leaving it to the pros will save you time and give you peace-of-mind. The average cost to hire a wall cleaning service is $331, with most homeowners spending between $229 and $352.

7. Dishwasher

You probably know appliances in the kitchen need a good scrub, but have you ever thought about cleaning your dishwasher? Many homeowners don’t give it much thought, after all, it’s a device that’s designed for cleaning. But, you should be cleaning your dishwasher at least once a month to keep it odor- and germ-free. Read How To Clean Your Dishwasher to learn more.

Ceiling Fan Cleaning

8. Ceiling Fans

Before and after the warm weather, you’ll want to give your ceiling fans a good dusting. This will help keep dust from building up and spreading throughout your home. With a microfiber cloth and surface cleaner, wipe both sides of the blade to clean.

Refrigerator Shelf Cleaning

9. Refrigerator Shelves

If you have a lingering smell in your refrigerator, it might be because you’ve neglected your shelves for some time. Spills, food debris and more can build up in your fridge. You’ll be surprised at what a difference a clean refrigerator can make in your kitchen. Give your refrigerator shelves a good scrub about every two to three months, using a surface cleaner to get up any stuck-on food or drink. It's also a great time to clean out any old and expired food or condiments.


Changing up your cleaning routine can be difficult if you’re starting a new habit. But the key is to stay consistent. Writing down these new tasks is a great way to start adding them in and eventually, you’ll stick to a schedule that works for you. See what a difference it makes by cleaning these items most homeowners forget.

Looking for more cleaning tips and tricks? Read 7 Easy House Cleaning Solutions.

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