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9 Ways To Add Storage To A Small Home

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By Katie Carlson on Aug 24, 2020
9 Ways To Add Storage To A Small Home

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If you own a small home, then you know one of the biggest struggles is figuring out where to put everything, while still being able to move around in your house. There’s no magic formula for finding storage space in a small home, but there are strategic ways to maximize the room you have available.

With a little bit of time, creativity and perseverance, you’ll be building, rearranging and seeking out newfound spaces in your home. See tips and tricks for making the most out of your current square footage and best practices for creating new storage space.

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Cabinet Storage

1. Build Upward

Owning a small home means you probably aren’t working with a lot of square feet on the ground. That’s why one of the first tasks you should tackle is determining where there’s opportunity to build upward.

Consider installing cabinets or bookcases that add height and storage to your rooms. The key with this idea is to make sure you’re capitalizing on the areas that aren’t currently serving any purpose, for example, a blank wall or the space between your cabinets and the ceiling.

Hooks & Shelves

2. Install Hooks & Shelving

You most likely have hooks and shelving already placed throughout your home, however, it’s smart to take inventory of where you can add more. Hooks are great for holding items such as towels, clothes and bags.

Shelves are nice for decoration, but they’re also useful for displaying items you want to showcase instead of store. Floating shelves are the perfect invention for any homeowner with a small home because they allow you to build upward and outward, without taking up any real estate.  

Back of Door Storage

3. Use Hidden Space to your Advantage

Put your curiosity and investigative instincts to work by locating hidden storage spots around your home. The back of a door is a great place to start. You may not have realized it, but you have many doors in your home that have the ability to serve dual functions. Head to a local home store and find attractive units for holding anything from shoes to scarves.

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A basement is the perfect place to store almost anything if it’s neat and tidy. Make the most out of your lower-level space by being smart about what you choose to store and where you choose to store it. Make sure your basement conditions are optimal for holding your things and take proper safety measures to ensure anything stored up high or near wires is secure. Purge and rearrange to make the most out of your basement space.

Closet Storage

4. Clever Closet Storage Solutions

In addition to your doors, closets hold yet another undeniable opportunity for hiding your stuff. Installing pullouts, hangers and building extra shelves are just a few ways to make the most out of your individual units.

If you don’t know where to start or you don’t feel you’re crafty enough, then get online and find out what other homeowners are doing to create extra room in their closets. Smart organizational tricks do wonders when you’re working with tiny spaces.


5. Declutter

Not only should you look to create more storage space in your home, but you also need to come to terms with what you can donate or throw out. Cleaning and purging old items before you start adding and rearranging is a very necessary step in the process of getting organized. If you add storage space before taking an honest inventory of what you want to keep and store, you risk creating extra work for yourself and adding too much space, or not enough.

Storage Shed

6. Utilize Outdoor Space

I love this tip because many homeowners don’t think about how much extra space their outdoor units and garages have to offer. If you have a small yard but you’ve always wanted a garden, then research how to grow a vertical garden wall.

If you don’t have a garage, or you do but don’t have enough room in it to store more items, build a small storage shed with a lock to keep your stuff safe. If you make use of the extra space wisely, your yard and its surroundings will help you achieve your organizational goals.

Bedroom Storage

7. Maximize Your Bedroom

The bedroom is another room in the home that homeowners usually don’t use to its full potential. Storage under and around your bed (think pullout drawers) are practical options for being able to keep more things in your bedroom. See where you can add and maneuver shelves, nightstands, drawers and hooks throughout the room, without making it look too crowded.

Furniture With Storage

8. Be Smart with Your Furniture Selections

If you live in a smaller home and you’re in need of new furniture, before you go purchasing anything, consider buying pieces with built-in storage. This is a common trend these days and furniture stores have plenty of these type of items in stock. Ottomans, tables, beds, chairs and desks all offer up the possibility of keeping your things hidden and secure.

Hang Pots & Pans

9. Find Extra Room in Your Kitchen

Even a small kitchen has the potential to help you create extra space and store more items than you think. Pots and pans are the number one space killer because of their shape and the quantity most homeowners need in their kitchen. 

Inside your cabinets is the number one place you should start looking for new opportunities to store all of your kitchen items. Pullout shelving, a Lazy Susan and rollout trash bins are all viable options. Behind, under and above cabinets and doors are also secret spots you may not be using to their full potential. Open shelving, drawer organizers and hanging your pots and pans are additional possibilities to consider. Worst case scenario, you can look at budget-friendly ways to remodel your kitchen and do it right.


A small home isn’t something that needs to bring you more stress. If you declutter and get creative with your unused storage space, then you’ll be in good shape. Use these tips and tricks to bring peace and calm to your life and home.

If you need help organizing your home and getting the most use out of your space, then consider hiring a professional organizer. We’ll send you up to four free estimates from experts in your zip code.

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