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A Child's Room That Both The Parent & Child Will Love

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By on Jun 16, 2016
A Child's Room That Both The Parent & Child Will Love

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What do you think of when you imagine a children’s room? Presentable, clean and durable may be some words that come to mind. On the other hand, a child will probably point out only the products that come in their favorite colors, favorite designs or characters.

Luckily, there are many options that make a compromise possible. After all, a child’s room is a part of the parents’ home, so it’s important to come to an agreement everyone is happy with. Here are a few ideas for a child’s room that both the parent and child will love.

Colorful Childs Room


A child may not understand the entire meaning of affordability, so it’s hard to explain why they can’t have the item they have their heart set on. In this situation, it’s best to let them know the real reason it can’t be purchased and possibly look for a similar product in the desired price range. A product that’s more affordable doesn’t mean it’s lower in quality. The clearance section can make for a satisfied child and happy parents, so don’t forget that it’s always an option! DIY decorations are an affordable option as well and can easily be matched with existing decor or additional decor found in stores.


Safety is a parent’s top priority, but both style and safety is attainable in a child’s room. If a child has slippery tile or hardwood floor, investing in a rug pad for underneath the bedroom rug is a smart idea. Another smart idea is choosing safe furniture. Take the time to look into reviews and the description of the pieces, especially if it’s a piece like a bed or chair. Bean bag chairs and poufs are also a hit with children. They’re a great addition for a modern child’s room, as well as comfortable and safe.

Designing A Childs Room All Will Love


Items that match with one another is an important factor when it comes to being presentable. This includes colors, designs, fabric and more. It’s not uncommon for a child to pick out mismatching and clashing items, so don’t let this surprise you. With a little guidance from a parent, they could have matching items they love.

It’s important to realize the matching possibilities, for example, a child’s favorite color or theme can most certainly be incorporated into their room in the proper way. Look for wall decor, rugs, bed spreads and paint that complements each item. It’s OK if there are a couple different shades involved or one or two other colors. In fact, having a certain color theme in their room will not only make the room presentable, it can positively impact their feelings. It’s been said that different colors can make a person feel different ways. Most likely, a child wouldn’t be aware of the benefits of color, so looking into what each color can do for them is helpful.

Keep these benefits in mind when picking out a paint color:

  • Blue or Green: Relaxation & peace 
  • Purple: Passion & creativity
  • Red: Energy & excitement
  • Yellow: Happiness & concentration
  • Orange: Confidence & independence

Additionally, putting together the right color palate is easier if you have an overall room theme. Kids will love seeing their favorite interest throughout the décor. Some ideas include nautical, space, sports, animals, automobiles, fantasy and fairytale.

Hidden Storage In Kids Chair


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A child’s room is bound to get a little disorganized, but there are ways to keep it clean that are both sensible and fun. One of the best options is colorful containers or baskets. They’re great for holding toys, books and other items that can easily scatter the room. Along with containers or baskets, there are various types of wall, closet and desk organizers to help keep the room clean.

When it comes to pieces like this, if the child doesn’t find one they love, it’s easy to do some DIY work, like decorating storage boxes. DIY crafting is an alternative that shouldn’t be forgotten. It’s a chance to be unique and get creative. Another option is choosing furniture with additional storage or a decent amount of drawers. This allows every item to have its place, making it an easier process for children to clean their rooms.

Fishing Childs Room


A child’s room should be able to survive indoor messes and spills because they’re an unavoidable part of enjoying childhood. This aspect is a little different from being organized. It’s taking that step to prevent long-term stains or ruin. Purchasing products that help to prevent this is the way to go. One of the most important elements is the rug. Durable rugs can withstand what children may bring in on their shoes, spills and craft messes among everything else. Rugs like this will remain looking as good as new because they’re easy to maintain and clean.

Floors aren’t the only thing you need to consider when it comes to durability. The paint on the walls should be able to resist anything that comes its way. There are paint options that prevent stains, like the ones created from drawing on the walls and handprints.

Train Themed Childs Room


When it comes down to it, parents want their children to enjoy their bedrooms, but there are smart ways of going about it. A child can have a room they love while remaining affordable, safe, presentable, clean and durable. Qualities like this will also keep the room usable for a long time.

Even if their style changes, there are inexpensive ways to tweak the room, such as DIY or checking out the clearance section. Remember, have fun with it! Decorating can be a memorable bonding experience for you and your child, that can last for years to come.

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