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A Family-Friendly Kitchen

By on Sep 12, 2018
A Family-Friendly Kitchen

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Do you want a kitchen that’s a space for all to enjoy? Creating a functional kitchen is top of the list for many homeowners. You can also take this a step further and make it a functional kitchen your family can enjoy too.

From families big to small, the kitchen is where you’ll gather together to share a meal and reflect on the day. It can be a space where you can teach life skills like cooking and cleaning, not to mention the ability to work together. Whatever way you look at it, kitchens are an invaluable part of the home for the whole family. It’s time to turn it into a space all can use.

Some kitchens need more work to become functional for the family. Contact a kitchen remodeling contractor today for quotes from pros in your area.

Family Friendly Kitchen Tips

Family-Friendly Kitchen Tips

Most families start and end their days together in the kitchen. That’s why it’s important to make it a room for all to use and enjoy, regardless of age. However, that doesn’t mean you have to lose your style.

“Making your kitchen family friendly doesn’t mean it will look like your kids’ playroom,” Emily Hoefler, kitchen and bath specialist at Renovations Group Inc., said. "With a little coordination and planning, sticking to a color palette and creating designated family-friendly space, you can create a special place every family member can enjoy.”

Whether you’re planning to fully remodel your kitchen or just add a few features, here are some family-friendly ideas:

  • Add A Kitchen Island & Seating
  • Add Various Counter Heights
  • Consider A Paint Color Change
  • Add Safety Features
  • Family-Friendly Kitchen Style
  • Open Shelving Storage
  • Create An Organization System

Add Kitchen Island And Seating

1. Add An Island & Seating

If you’re looking to add value to your kitchen that can be used by the entire family, consider installing a kitchen island. They are a great place for all to gather while meals are being prepped or simply to chat around a bowl of snacks. The same concept can be done with a breakfast nook or coffee counter.

You’ll also need to have adequate seating for people to gather together. Hoefler suggests that this can help kitchen flow.

“Everyone ends up in the kitchen anyway and having family members standing around only causes traffic issues,” she said. “Make sure everyone is comfortable (and give yourself space to cook) by having designated seating.”

Various Counter Heights

2. Add Various Counter Heights

If you’re remodeling your kitchen cabinets and countertops, it’s important to make a space for everyone, big or small. Hoefler suggests adding varying countertop sizes might be the answer for a family-friendly kitchen remodel. But for those worried about what to do with those sizes once kids grow up, she has the answer.

“Lowered countertops don’t have to go unused once small children grow,” she said. “They can also double as a space for baking since a lowered surface can give more leverage for rolling out the dough and decorating. Also, lowered counter heights can be used as a seating area where a normal dining height chair can be placed instead of specialty-height stools.”

For a remodel like this, a budget is important. The average cost to install a countertop is $2,719 and the average cost to install cabinets is $4,305.

Black And White Family Kitchen

3. Consider A Color Change

While a kitchen color might appeal to you, it may not be the best choice for your family. By changing up the paint color, you can easily make your space more comfortable for all. Consider a black and white kitchen with colorful accessories that will pop. This is a timeless style that you can redecorate as your family grows. A pastel could also be a great choice for your kitchen, adding a bit of color without making the room darker.

If you’re ready for a kitchen color change, contact a painting contractor who can help.

Add Stool To Family Kitchen

4. Add Safety Features

A family-friendly kitchen is one where all can feel safe. The first thing that comes to mind when it comes to childproofing a kitchen is the cabinets. Use safety locks for drawers with sharp knives, chemicals, or wherever you don’t want little hands. Next, add slow close hinges to your cabinets drawers and doors. This prevents fingers from accidentally getting pinched.

One overlooked accessory you can add is a stool. A small stepstool can make a huge difference when it comes to kitchen safety because it prevents children from climbing and falling.

“Adding compactible steps stools that can be stashed in a cabinet or closet for your children is a great way to encourage their involvement when you need them, but gives you the flexibility to store it away when you want a cleared prep area,” Hoefler said.

Family Kitchen Accessories

5. Family-Friendly Kitchen Style

As I mentioned earlier, you don’t have to sacrifice your personal style for a kitchen that all will enjoy. Using accessories and pops of color can help to dress up your room in your taste. Choosing kitchen colors might be a good way to get children involved with redecorating and feel like the space is theirs as well.

“Color is a fun way to make a space family friendly while staying fashionable,” Hoefler said. “You don’t need to go overboard with rainbow or neon everything to show your kids' personalities. Either stick to all one color like red barstools or green kitchen utensils, which give a pop of color while being streamlined, or give each child their own assigned color like an apron, spoon and mixing bowl in each kid’s favorite color to make everything cohesive. It can be fun without being overwhelming and your kids will appreciate the creative touch.”

6. Open Shelving Storage

Often, parents think that they can’t incorporate open shelving because of functionality. But, you can make it work if you love it. It’s a great way to show off your dishware and with careful organization, can be accessed by children when they need it.

If you’re interested in learning how open shelving can work in your family-friendly kitchen, watch this video on Open Shelving Tips.

7. Create An Organization System

A family-friendly kitchen is an organized kitchen. Depending on how many people are using your kitchen, this can seem like an impossible task. Perhaps starting new organization systems can help clear the clutter. Adding labels to cabinet shelves and assigning tasks to each family member is a good way to start this process. Getting different colored storage containers for each person can help organize food in the fridge. If you need some help taking note of what needs to be done, consider adding a chalkboard wall that you can DIY.

“Adding a chalkboard is an easy way to add a little fun and family-friendliness to a kitchen without remodeling,” Hoefler said. “The chalkboard can be used as a menu for meal plans, chore charts, or silly and sweet notes between family members.”


Your kitchen should be a space for all and you have the power to turn it into one. If you’re remodeling a kitchen or just looking for a few ideas to update, try a few of these tips to make your kitchen more family-friendly.

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