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A Guide To Interior Door Styles For Your Home

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By on Nov 14, 2016
A Guide To Interior Door Styles For Your Home

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The doors in your house are a necessity. Not only do they add privacy throughout the household, but they also add to your interior design and overall style. While you may not think about them as often as other items, your doors are a design element to the overall look of your home.

Finding the perfect interior door can be a challenge. The common width of an entryway is between 30” to 32” and leaves little room for changes to be made. However, there are many styles that you can fit in your current space or remodel to add a bit more room for your new door. See a few popular interior door styles and learn how you can incorporate them in your home.

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French Doors

Costs To Install A New Door

If you’re changing the entire look of your door instead of just simply replacing with a standard size door that’s made to fit, you’ll likely need some remodeling work done on your home. The average cost to install a door is $817 depending on the material costs and where the door is located.

Bathroom French Doors

Interior French Doors

Add a touch of elegance to any room with interior French doors. These double doors swing outward to open up a large entry space. They have panes that can be glass filled to let light in, or closed off for complete privacy. Either way, you can decorate by adding a colorful curtain to enhance the look of your room. The average cost for French doors range between $350 and $4,000 depending on the style you choose.

Barn Doors

Interior Barn Doors

If you love the rustic look, interior barn doors are the perfect complement to your style. The most popular and versatile way to utilize them is by attaching them to gliding hardware, that can be installed in almost any entryway. These doors come in many varieties and colors to fit in with your rustic style and are sure to be a talking point of any room.

Interior Sliding Doors

Doors that slam around the house can get annoying. If this is a common problem in your home, a few sliding doors can cut down on noise. They come in many wood and glass varieties that are sure to fit the style of your space well. Another benefit is the space it saves. This is particularly true with pocket sliding doors, that simply recess into the wall. The average cost to install a sliding door in your home is between $200 and $2,500 depending on how much remodeling is required.

Dutch Doors

Interior Dutch Doors

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Less popular but equally as beautiful as the rest, Dutch doors are a unique look for any part of the home. These doors have a top and a bottom that open horizontally and separately from each other. It’s perfect to let extra light in, while keeping the space private. It’s a good solution to a playroom or to keep pets out of a certain area of the home, while keeping an eye on things. Often, the top part will have glass to add extra style and light to a room.

Glass Doors

Popular Door Materials

Now that we’ve discussed styles, it’s a good idea to be aware of what material types may be available. Here’s a few of your options:

Interior Glass Doors

A versatile style that lets additional light in is the interior glass door. If you’re looking for a more modern look to your home, try frosted glass for privacy to a bedroom or bathroom.

French doors also frequently come in varieties that include glass panels as well. This is a beautiful look suited for any room. If you’re looking for privacy, try frosted glass.

Interior Wood Doors

For a long-lasting and timeless look, solid wood doors are the answer. You can choose from many types of wood and stain to customize your look. Often, you will find these in the classic six-panel style, but there are other unique variations that can be found on the market. Hollow-core wood doors will give you a similar look while staying budget-friendly. However, don’t count on hollow-core to prevent outside noise.

For a rustic look, barn wood is often used. While they are often hung, as described above, they also come in varieties of traditional swing doors.

Medium Density Fiberboard Doors

If you’re looking for an interior door material that’s affordable and durable, medium density fiberboard, or MDF, is a great option. It’s great for interior areas where humidity and temperature change is to be expected, such as an attic or bathroom. These doors are easy to paint as opposed to other door types so you can easily change your door to match your current style.

Door Hardware

Interior Door Knobs

Your interior door décor does not end with the style of door you choose. You can take it a step further by finding the perfect door hardware. Knobs and levers come in a variety of materials. For a modern look, consider a stainless steel knob. For a vintage look, the classic glass door knob is trendy again.


When choosing your new door, considering accessibility for all may be a concern depending on your family. The ADA recommends having a doorway 32” wide. Additionally, sliding doors may be better for those using wheelchairs or walkers. If that cannot be accommodated, try to use levers on doors, instead of knobs.


Doors are a vital part to your home and can drastically change the environment you live in. Consider a few of these styles as you begin your next remodeling project.

Do you have a door style that you love? Share with us in the comments below!

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