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Amazing Nursery Ideas & Trends

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By on Aug 4, 2019
Amazing Nursery Ideas & Trends

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Nesting isn’t just an old wive’s tale; it is a legitimate state that many expectant parents experiences, a rite of passage if you will, as the arrival date of the stork and its precious cargo get closer and closer. If you are feeling an intense desire to create the perfect baby nursery, you aren’t alone, nor do you have to search any further for the latest and greatest baby nursery ideas and trends.

Fortunately, many of the trends and themes this year make transforming a room into a simple baby nursery. And, most of the designs and effects can be done in a small scale and at a lower price point to keep down costs, but of course, they can also be done to the hilt depending on your budget. 

Hiring someone to install safety equipment and make the improvements for your child’s wellbeing and your own peace of mind is money well spent. ImproveNet can connect you with contractors in your home for free, to make sure your home is ready for baby. Get started today.

Gender-Neutral Nursery

In 2019, think gender-neutral. If you are one of the many parents who are waiting to find out the sex of your baby, no fears, you can still get your nesting in and your gender-neutral nursery completed long before the big surprise reveal!

Most of the nursery themes ideas, palettes, and designs trending in 2019 are fabulous for your new boy or new girl. Of course, if you and/or your designer want to steer your color choices and patterns toward feminine or masculine, don’t worry, there are some great nursery ideas geared specifically for girls or boys.

DIY Or Hire A Pro?

There are a number of nursery ideas and themes that are doable for the nursery DIY-er. But, if you are just worn out from all the other preparations, then there is nothing wrong with hiring a pro to do the work and the designing for you.  Fortunately, you can still get your “nesting” fix by making the many choices that still go into having a professionally designed and constructed nursery.

Clean Colors, Clean Lines

A more sophisticated take on nurseries is in! Think monochromatic, neutrals, beiges, whites, sleek and modern shapes in the furniture. Most parents are opting for 90% white or neutral with10% color according to Mint & Mohair.

Simple modern nurseries aren’t any less attractive or comfortable. In fact, they can be soothing to babies and to parents who need a little break from the stimulus and color of the real world. Another plus, these modern spins on a traditionally whimsical room are equally attractive for both girl and boy nurseries. Also, minimalism allows you to keep the room clean and sanitary, which is always a top priority for new parents. 

Boho Nursery Ideas

Bohemian-handmade, natural elements like hemp baskets, macramé rugs, hand-looped pillows, etcetera are very popular this year, too. Fortunately, because they are on-trend for any room in the house, there are many fun and “hippyish” accents to choose from at every different price point, and they make great additions to nurseries because they invoke a sense of peace and tranquility into the most important space in your home.

Using Plaid

This year, many expectant parents are channeling their inner-Scotsman and Scotswoman and adorning their new lairds and lassies nurseries with plaid galore. From wallpaper to pillows, to rugs, plaid accents are making a comeback. And, don’t worry about mixing your plaids with your patterns in your baby nursery, they are all the rage.

Plums, Emeralds & Sapphires, Oh My!

Of course, lions and tigers and bears are always trending in nurseries, but how about adding a twist!  Color trends for nurseries are all over the board this year, but pink and baby blue aren’t among them.  Plum, sage greens and warm rich mustard yellows are for all year round with designers and parents seeking to add a hint of sophistication to the room where they will soon be spending many hours. Gemstone colors are also extremely popular, including emeralds, sapphires and rubies.

Big, Bold & Botanical

Flowers are in full bloom with nursery designers this year, the bigger and bolder, the better. From more permanent fixtures, floral wallpaper is a hit in nurseries this year. If wallpaper has your commitment-phobic heart beating, then wall decals are also available for a simpler and less permanent garden addition for your nursery.  Bright and big enchanted forests are also a great option if you want the nursery to make a statement, but if big and bold aren’t for you, soft delicate floral patterns are also showing up in many nurseries providing a subtle touch.     

Smart Technology For Parents

There is also a ton of amazing gear for the “tech-savvy” parents-to-be. has some great gadgets and gear to make being a parent easy (well, a little bit easier). Fancy coffee machines keep many adults functioning every morning, and now they have one for babies. The Tommee Tippee sterilizes the bottle, filters the water, and creates a “just right” temperate bottle for your baby in under 120 seconds.

And for your simple baby nursery, the Snoo isn’t your average baby bed/white noise machine combo; it is more like a nanny in a lantern.  It not only provides your baby with soothing white noise that adjusts to the discomfort and cries of your baby, but it rocks, swings, and jiggles to give your baby comfort in the middle of the night when you are getting some much-needed sleep.

There are also a number of devices that are both functional and that improve safety that will help you as the mother and father of young children get a few more “zzzzzzzz’s” (and we all know you could use those) including video monitoring systems that stream video and have night vision to devices that have audible alarms which sound when your baby moves, doesn’t move, and when he or she enters or exits a room.

Safety First

Of course, the top priority, when it comes to designing your nursery, is safety. Some of the safety considerations you need to make are selecting the perfect furniture and products. While your crib from your childhood is sentimental and adorable, it’s not a good idea to use in your baby’s nursery. Consumer Product Safety Commission discourages the use of any cribs that are over 10 years old. They aren’t likely to meet today’s standards which says that cribs must have slats that are no further 2 3/8” apart and that do not have any knobs or hooks attached. The commission also makes other recommendations that are worth checking out.

Childproofing your home is also a crucial aspect of completing your nursery and preparing your home for your new arrival. A few of the other more important nursery childproofing measures that the Consumer Product Safety Commission recommends are:

  • Corner bumpers for sharp edges and furniture
  • Socket plugs to protect against electrocution
  • Staircase gates
  • Cabinet hardware to prevent poisoning and injury
  • Toilet seat latches to prevent drowning
  • Window guards and safety netting for second-story windows
  • Anti-Scalding Devices

Along with childproofing, there are a few important and simple home improvements you will want to do in order to complete your nursery and nesting.

  • Before painting, test for lead paint if your home was built before 1940 and even up into the 60s.
  • Because paint fumes aren’t good for pregnant women, look into having a professional painter do the nursery for you!
  • Check the air quality in the nursery.
  • Treat older nursery carpet for any allergens and dangerous holes or problems around the perimeter.
  • Purchase and test a smoke detector and carbon monoxide detector.

While many of these home improvements and the installation of the childproofing devices can be done fairly quickly and inexpensively, there are times when you want to make sure that everything is done absolutely to the letter. 

Preparation and expectation for your new bundle of joy are the most precious times in your life. Take your time and enjoy it because it will be something you treasure, along with your new arrival, forever and always.

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