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Backyard Fence Inspiration

By on Jul 30, 2019
Backyard Fence Inspiration

Great weather inspires time outdoors, and time outdoors inspires projects. Backyard fencing definitely comes to mind as we look to improve our outdoor spaces both aesthetically and as a way to secure the perimeters of our home for privacy as well as for the safety of our children and pets, it has so many benefits! With so many choices out there, it can be difficult to decide what would be best for your home.

As you begin to think about your backyard fencing, it is very important to consider: the climate in which you live; the purposes and function of the fence; the longevity and maintenance of the materials you are considering; and cost versus resale in conjunction with your budget. But first and foremost, you have to first determine the style of fencing that is most appealing to you aesthetically as well as what style would best compliment your home. 

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Backyard Fence Materials

Now more than ever, homeowners have choices galore. No longer are you faced with a traditional wood or vinyl fence. There are many different materials and styles to choose from. The most common materials are:

  • Wood
  • Vinyl
  • PVC
  • Metal
  • Aluminum
  • Bamboo
  • Farm
  • Chain

Backyard Fence Trends

According to a number of fencing retailers, there are a few trends that are seeing an insurgence so far in 2019:

Go Horizontal

Traditional fencing has most often been laid vertically, think white picket fence around that old Victorian home. In 2019, one trend is the horizontal fence. Because most fences in your neighborhood are likely vertical, putting in a horizontal fence will certainly make a statement. Not only do they add a modern aesthetic, but they can also be customized to fit any size and shape of your yard and are a great option if your yard has a slope. Likewise, a horizontal fence will give you all the privacy you need if it is a priority.  If you have a home with hard lines and a minimal style, a horizontal fence would complement your home and warrants your consideration.

Wrought Iron

Wrought iron will likely always be a trend because it can be forged into so many designs and shapes to please any aesthetics. Meaning, it can be crafted to go with any homeowner most any architectural style. Wrought iron can be customized to include monograms, design, and fit any size and shaped yard.  Wrought iron continues to offer great security, and because of its durability, it will remain a trend for years to come. Hiring a contract to install the wrought iron is probably the best.  It is difficult for a DIYer to make sure that it is installed correctly and secure. Although this type of fencing will cost a lot initially, both in installation costs and material costs, it will most likely last many lifetimes.

Go Green!

In 2019, people are continuing to go green with the backyard fencing products they select. We are not just talking about fencing made from recycled goods. We are talking fences that are created using plants and foliage. Likewise, fencing in the form of privacy trees and shrubs are a great backyard fence idea and on-trend.

Bamboo is certainly an eco-friendly material gaining popularity. Like wood, its organic composition makes it warm and inviting. It can complement many styles of housing from modern to more traditional or rustic. It certainly adds a zen feel to your backyard space and can be used not only as a fencing material but as a great way to break up space between living areas in your backyard. Fortunately, it is also strong and fairly easy to install, and because bamboo grows so quickly, it is a highly-sustainable backyard fencing material.

If a stone fence is what you are after, eco-friendly ones like SimTek’s Ecostone fences are something worth checking out. They look like real stone, provide the sound and privacy of a real stone fence, and the best part, they are completely maintenance-free. 

When Will I Repair My Wood Fence

Traditional Fencing Still Popular

Wood fencing is as traditional as it gets. It is a wonderful choice because it is an organic product, so it blends nicely into most surroundings and gives a warm and welcoming feeling to your home. While traditional wood fencing will likely continue to trend, wood fencing products are certainly evolving way past traditional. Some of the trends are more in the installation and finishing of the wood as opposed to the sold fencing product.  In 2019, consider different wood fencing options including horizontal wood panels that have varying widths of planks and some have varying mixes of wood types to give a modern edge to a traditional material.

Continuing in popularity are variations of the wood fence that come in composite materials, vinyl, and even steel that give the appearance of wood. These backyard fencing options are extremely popular among homeowners because of the longevity and relatively low-maintenance they offer in comparison to many other wood fencing options. They offer the warmth and organic feel of wood but in the long run require much less maintenance. 

Design Ideas

Along with different materials for backyard fencing ideas trending in 2019, it is also about playing around with the design. Here are a few ideas:

  • Backyard fences where you mix materials are popular. Sections of wooden pickets separated with stone or brick pillars make for a nice natural look.
  • Gates of different materials also can break up the monotony of one type of fencing material. A wrought-iron gate with a stone fence makes for a great aesthetic.
  • Lattice fences and lattice adornments to traditional fences are also on-trend. The best part of adding latticework and panels to your fence is they improve airflow and creates a pleasing visual contrast to the rest of your fence.
  • Pine beetle kill fencing is great for a rustic organic look that also is good for the environment.
  • Chain link doesn’t have a huge aesthetic appeal for backyard fencing, but many homeowners are changing that by adding wood or metal adornments that break up the functional and inexpensive backyard fencing
  • Mixing up the heights of vertical wooden fencing adds a fun twist to a traditional wood fence. Try an ABC pattern or just go crazy with no pattern at all.
  • Mixing up hedges, bushes, privacy trees with other materials create a nice contrast as well. Wood, bamboo, stone, iron mix combined with a nice hedge has a huge visual appeal.

Installing a backyard fence will add a great deal of value to your home. Not only will it make your home feel finished, but it will keep your home more secure, and it will provide your pets and children a safe place to play as well.

Hiring a professional to install it will save you time and allow you to enjoy what is left of summer while ensuring that the fence will withstand anything life throws at it.

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