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Backyard Fireplace Ideas To Warm Up

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By on Oct 23, 2017
Backyard Fireplace Ideas To Warm Up

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On cooler summer nights or as the perfect setting to tell spooky Halloween stories, a backyard fireplace is the perfect place to relax outdoors. It adds an element that will make your backyard stand out and often, it’s a perfect fit for your backyard, large or small.

From DIY to a large professional installation, a backyard fireplace will be the welcoming addition you soon can't live without. Dreaming of a warm, cozy fire to relax by? Here are a few backyard fireplace ideas to inspire your project!

A great looking backyard fireplace will require the help of a pro. Contact a masonry contractor for up to four quotes from pros in your area for free.

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Check Your Local Codes

Large or small, before you begin a backyard fireplace installation, even a temporary structure, you must determine if it is allowed in your area. Certain local codes ban homeowners from having wood-burning fireplaces outdoors. Before you make an investment, check to see if you’re able to include one in your yard. It can save you from a lot of trouble down the road.

1. Outdoor Fireplace

At the top of the list for backyard luxury is an outdoor fireplace. These are usually situated on a patio or deck and are a great focal point for the backyard. They are typically made out of brick or stone and can change the entire look of the yard. Costs do vary by material and size, with the average cost of an outdoor fireplace ranging between $1,400 and $20,000.

Chimenea For Backyard

2. Chimeneas

If you’re not ready to make the permanent investment into an outdoor fireplace for your patio, you might consider purchasing a chimenea. This is a freestanding fireplace, typically made out of cast iron, terracotta or copper and does not require any installation. This is ideal for homeowners who want a fireplace but might not have the budget or space for one. Chimeneas should also be placed on a fire-safe choice, so it doesn’t potentially ruin your landscaping or start a fire outside of the intended location.

In Ground Firepit

3.  In-Ground Fire Pit

If your town or city allows, an in-ground fire pit can be the main attraction of your backyard. Some homeowners choose to make this a DIY project by digging their own pit and using fire safe materials such as brick or cast-iron insert. These can be beautiful additions to a backyard and invite people to gather around the fire to roast some s’mores. However, an in-ground fire pit does have potential safety risks. If you have small children or dogs, you may want to create a barrier to this area of your yard.

Above Ground Firepit

4. Brick Or Stone Firepit

If you’d rather keep your fire above ground but still retain the cozy benefits an in-ground fire pit provides, try brick or stone. This will add a beautiful element to your backyard without having to dig into the ground. It also can be safer than an in-ground fire pit as the brick or stone protect the area around it. These can be built on a patio, deck or in your yard.

Firebowl Ideas

5. Fire Bowl

For a unique backyard fireplace, consider adding a fire bowl. They come in many sizes and materials. Often, they are gas-burning with a covering at the bottom such as stone. The latest models have glass pebbles included, giving an enchanting look to the fireplace when lit. Like other backyard fireplace options, be sure your fire bowl is over a fire-safe surface.

Outdoor Fireplace Safety

As I have mentioned already, safety around your outdoor fireplace is extremely important. It starts with making sure your fireplace is the appropriate size for your yard. While large and lavish is what you might hope for, it might not be the best fit for a small, urban backyard.

Never leave the outdoor fireplace unattended. After each use, clean and maintain your fireplace. Keep your fireplace away from hanging wires or low branches. Most of all, always supervise small children and pets while the fireplace is in use.

DIY Or Contact A Pro?

When it comes to your backyard fireplace, you may be unsure if you should DIY or contact a pro who can help. Safety is always a key factor here. You want to be sure that whatever installation you’ve decided on is done correctly. While you may save money doing the job yourself, if you’re unsure of how to complete the work, don’t hesitate to call a pro. Most homeowners choose to research and install in-ground firepits but for more extensive masonry work or a gas hook up, that’s left to the pros.


An outdoor fireplace can certainly make your backyard a warm and inviting space for all. Find the right style for you based on the size of your backyard and how you plan to use it. Above all, always take safety into consideration when utilizing any fireplace feature.

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