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  • Remodeling A Bathroom For Accessibility

    If you’re considering a remodel for accessibility, many homeowners tend to look at the bathroom first. Here are a few tips on how you can remodel your bathroom for accessibility.

    By Feb 13, 2019
  • Changing A Shower Head

    Wondering what ways you can update your bathroom? A new shower head can make a huge difference. Here’s what you need to know about changing a shower head.

    By Jan 21, 2019
  • 2019 Bathroom Trends

    Stay up to date with the hottest trends of the new year. See all of the 2019 bathroom trends you can use when remodeling.

    By Dec 16, 2018
  • 2019 Cabinet & Countertop Trends

    Changing your cabinets and countertop can help make a dramatic change to your home. It’s a good idea to know what’s trending before making such a big investment. Here are the top cabinet & countertop trends for 2019.

    By Dec 12, 2018
  • Video: Top Bathroom Remodeling Projects

    If you're thinking about a bathroom remodel, you probably know that there are a lot of options to upgrade. From old shower heads to colorful tile, these items should be replaced as soon as possible.

    By Dec 6, 2018
  • Tile Ideas For A Small Bathroom

    Small bathrooms are a homeowners design jackpot. With a small space, you're able to concentrate on an overall design concept and even splurge for more expensive tile and finishes.

    By Nov 21, 2018
  • Little Bathroom Décor Details That Make A Difference

    Finding the perfect bathroom décor can often be a challenge. You’re likely dealing with a lack of space in addition to looking for décor that can withstand the moisture of the bathroom. See a few bathroom décor details that make a difference.

    By Oct 31, 2018
  • DIY Tips For Bathroom Remodeling

    It’s likely your bathroom can benefit from a few upgrades and maybe you’ve been thinking about a DIY bathroom remodel. Here are some bathroom remodeling tips to help it go smoothly.

    By Oct 3, 2018
  • Video: Top 5 Remodeling Projects

    Have you ever wondered what homeowners are most eager to get done around the home? See the top 5 home remodeling projects.

    By Sep 6, 2018
  • Rustic Bathroom Ideas

    Incorporating natural elements and old, vintage items are a few ways you can get the rustic look in your bathroom. Here are a few rustic bathroom ideas you can use.

    By Aug 12, 2018
  • Bathroom Safety Tips For Young Children

    There are many potential hazards in the bathroom that you want to keep your child safe from. New accessories and innovative technology allows you to have more control of your bathroom, so you can have peace-of-mind as well. Here are a few bathroom safety tips for children that all parents can use.

    By Jul 9, 2018
  • Small Bathroom Decorating Ideas

    When you have a small bathroom, you may find it impossible to decorate. You don’t have to sacrifice space for style. See a few small bathroom decorating ideas.

    By May 29, 2018