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Best Valentine's Gifts Ever: Make Her Swoon With These Easy DIY Projects

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By on Feb 6, 2015
Best Valentine's Gifts Ever: Make Her Swoon With These Easy DIY Projects

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Valentine's Day is right around the corner, and that means you’re probably starting to stress about what to buy your partner. Of course there’s nothing wrong with a box of chocolates or a bouquet of flowers, but if you want to make this Valentine’s Day memorable, consider sending her on a pampering weekend trip while you are home, tackling some pesky household tasks.

From hanging her favorite pictures to beefing up your home’s security, we’ve found seven DIY projects that are sure to make her happy this Valentine’s Day.

Replace Burnt Out Light Bulbs

Photo courtesy of EnergyStar.

Project 1: Replace Burnt Out Light Bulbs

The light over the kitchen sink hasn’t worked for months, and you don’t remember the last time the light in your bedroom closet worked. You’re sure to make your partner smile if you replace the burnt out lights throughout your home. While you’re at it, consider switching to energy efficient light bulbs. Not only will you save some cash on your utility bill, they’ll last longer so you won’t have to replace them next in the near future.

Install a Budget Friendly Home Security System Photo courtesy of HomeDEFENDER.

Project 2: Install A Budget Friendly Home Security System

She’s dropped hints about how a home security system will make her feel more secure when you’re away, but you didn’t think you could afford one. We’ve got good news; a DIY home security system is not only budget friendly, it’s also fast and easy to install. Plus, a DIY home security system is 100% portable, so you can pack it up and take it with you if you move. When installing the system, it’s important to pay close attention to sensor placement, so check online resources to learn how to strategically place security sensors. In addition to helping her feel more relaxed at home, a monitored home security system could save you up to 20% on your homeowners insurance policy. That’s a win-win.

Hang Those PicturesPhoto courtesy of freeingfrance.tumbler.

Project 3: Hang Those Pictures

Your youngest is in elementary school, but you still haven’t found time to hang her baby picture. Sound familiar? As any mom will tell you, hanging pictures is a task that always gets put on the back burner. Help her out by conquering this chore and you’ll be thanked time and again. There are a variety of creative ways to arrange pictures, but we advise using picture-hanging strips instead of nails in case she has her own idea about how they should be displayed.

Build Her SomethingPhoto courtesy of WikiHow.

Project 4: Build Her Something

Whether she’d prefer a fire pit, a planter box or even something to keep the kids busy like an outdoor sandbox, a personally built gift is sure to impress her. Toss in a new lawn chair or porch swing and she’ll get maximum pleasure out of her new backyard treasures.

Organize The Kitchen

Project 5: Organize the Kitchen

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If your kitchen is like most, there’s a drawer, cupboard or closet overflowing with plastic storage containers or pots and pans. Fortunately, there are several creative (and inexpensive) ways to tame your Tupperware and put your pots and pans in place.

If she’s a bit overprotective about the kitchen, take on the garage. Hang up the kids’ bikes, organize the yard tools and make space for her to park her car inside instead of the driveway. She’ll certainly thank you when she doesn’t have to scrape frost off her windows every winter.

Unclog The Drain

Project 6: Unclog the Drain

If there’s one household chore that gets put off, it’s unclogging the drains. From hair to food stuff, the drains in your home are bound to be due for a cleaning. If you don’t want to use a high powered chemical to unclog the drain, consider an effective DIY unclogging alternative that uses items you already have around the house.

Project 7: Spiff Up the Yard

Everyone likes to come home to a house that’s picture perfect. Improve your home’s curb appeal and make your partner happy on Valentine’s Day by weeding the flowerbeds, raking the leaves and trimming overgrown shrubs. While you’re spiffying up the yard, why not modernize your out-of-date porch light or mailbox? If she’s a gardener, you can’t go wrong by building a composter. These low-budget DIY yard projects are sure to make her proud of your abode.

Compost Pile


Whether you choose to take on all of these simple DIY projects or just a few, a little elbow grease will reward her with a Valentine’s Day she’ll never forget.

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