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Cabinet Organization Techniques For Your Family

By on Mar 26, 2018
Cabinet Organization Techniques For Your Family

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Have you ever opened a kitchen cabinet just to discover you’d never be able to actually find what you’re looking for? For a family of any size, this is a common scenario. Plastic containers seem to be the biggest pain point for homeowners, but mismanaged cabinets can also get in the way of storing larger items like pots and pans.

Taking control of your kitchen starts by getting the entire family on board. Use a few of these tips and techniques to keep your cabinets perfectly organized so you can access what you need when you need it.

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How To Organize Kitchen Cabinets

How To Organize Kitchen Cabinets

From families with teenagers to those who are looking to create better habits for their small children, kitchen organization is a skill that will help as kids grow. Not to mention, with children helping out with chores, things can easily be misplaced and disorganized. An organized kitchen starts with an organized family. Here are few steps you can take to make sure your kitchen stays functional:

  • Call A Family Meeting
  • Invest In Cabinet Accessories
  • Get Rid Of Unnecessary Items
  • Spice Cabinet Organization
  • Create A Kitchen Command Center
  • Keep Cabinet Items Accessible

Call A Family Meeting

If you’re overwhelmed with how kitchen cabinets are organized, getting everyone involved will make it easier long term. Develop a kitchen cabinet organization action plan and discuss it with your family. For younger children who may have just started participating in chores, such as drying dishes, this may be the best time to start.

Make it easy to create organization habits. You could name each cabinet to make it easier, such as the plates and bowls cabinet. This will make it easier for family members to remember what goes where. You may also want to ask in this meeting what would make it easier for everyone to work together in keeping the kitchen organized. Ultimately, you know your family best and what will work for them.

Get Rid Of Kitchen Items

Get Rid Of Unnecessary Items

When you’re taking on any household organization project, you’ll want to start by getting rid of things you don’t need. “One of the main reasons why kitchen cabinet organization can be a problem area for many families is the sheer number of items they own,” Kristin Whalen, award-winning kitchen and bath designer, said. “This might seem like the most obvious reason for disorganization, but it is usually the one we have the most trouble with.”

If you’re able, start with a clean slate by emptying out all your cabinets and begin sorting what items you want to keep and what you can donate or give away. “Getting organized means making those hard decisions about what to keep and what to let go of, starting on the inside of your cabinets,” Whalen said. “If you're not using it or can’t remember the last time anyone in the family has used it, let it go.”

Invest In Cabinet Accessories

Invest In Cabinet Accessories

Often, cabinets become disorganized because kitchen items simply don’t have a place or space where they’ll fit. By investing in a few cabinet accessories that help with organization, you can significantly improve how everything fits.

Different size dividers make it easy for family members to remember what goes where when it comes to cabinets and drawers. “Drawer dividers are one of the simplest ways to keep your kitchen organized,” Whalen said. “Separate flatware, utensils, spices and Tupperware easily with a divider that keeps everything in its place.”

Another great family-friendly way to organize your kitchen cabinets and drawers is with labels. On the inside shelf, label what item goes there. This is a great way for young children to practice their reading skills as well.

Create A Kitchen Command Center

Kitchen and bakeware is not the only culprit when it comes to cabinet clutter. Schoolwork, old mail and menus and other papers can clutter cabinets and drawers easily if they don’t have a place to go. Whalen suggests creating a space in the kitchen that helps you sort through it all.

“Another way to help stay organized is with a family command center,” Whalen said. “Keep papers on a wall clipboard or chalkboard near the kitchen. When the board is full, that’s the maximum number of items you can keep. This will force you to look through these items and discard or file away anything that’s no longer relevant.”

This can be an easy system for kids to place items they need signed or urgent messages that need to be seen. That way, your cabinets will stay organized and nothing will be forgotten.

Keep Cabinet Items Accessible

Keep Cabinet Items Accessible

Of course, it's easy to make a mess of your cabinets when family members can reach commonly-used items. For plates, bowls and cups, keep them in a place where your child can reach them if needed. A stool nearby may help.

However, cabinet organization means better safety habits as well. Always keep knives, scissors and other sharp cookware out of reach for kids. For toddlers, you may even want to invest in child safety locks that prevent them from getting into cabinets and drawers.


Kitchen cabinet organization is an essential part of keeping everything functional for the family. Start by creating habits that everyone can follow and discuss what works best. Then make a clear set of rules to where everything goes and how all can pitch in to create an organized kitchen.

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