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Carpet Ideas For Your Bedroom

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By on Mar 19, 2018
Carpet Ideas For Your Bedroom

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When it comes to the bedroom, most homeowners are looking for luxury. From a soft mattress to stylish décor, your room should be the part of the house you can't wait to unwind at the end of the day. When thinking about adding more luxury to your bedroom, don’t forget about the type of flooring you have!

Most of us don’t want to wake up and step on a cold floor. That’s why carpet is such a popular choice for bedrooms. It adds warmth and elegance to the room easily. If you’re thinking about installing carpet in your bedroom, here are a few popular choices.

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Choosing Carpet For Your Bedroom

Choosing Carpet For Your Bedroom

From the comfort of soft fabric beneath your feet to the extra warmth and quiet carpet can bring, it's no wonder more and more homeowners are adding this to their bedroom. If you’re considering adding carpet to your bedroom, you will find that there are many styles and choices you have to make. Here’s what to consider when choosing carpet for your bedroom:

  • Budget
  • Material
  • Carpet Pile & Height
  • Color

Set Your Budget

1. Set Your Budget

With any home improvement project, it’s important to have a budget before beginning. This will help to determine what materials are best based on what you can afford. The average cost to install carpet is $1,628, with most homeowners spending between $862 and $1,831.

Of course, this price can vary based on what material, pile and area you’re carpeting. For example, a Saxony carpet costs between $2/sf and $7/sf while frieze carpet costs between $1/sf and $4.50/sf. These are all factors to consider when determining your carpeting budget for the bedroom.

2. Choose Your Material

Not all fiber is the same, especially when it comes to your carpet. Most come in various blends, the two most popular being nylon and polyester. Nylon will give you more options of color choices and is more durable. The average cost of nylon carpet is between $15 and $45 per square yard.

For a soft and stain-resistant choice, polyester might be your best bet for the bedroom. It's less durable than nylon but, in a bedroom, you won’t have to worry about traffic as much as other areas of the home.

Choose Carpet Pile

3. Choose Carpet Pile

Determining the pile of your bedroom carpet is the next big step. Here are the types of carpet pile you can choose from:

  • Saxony: A dense and firm carpet, will shows footprints and brush marks.
  • Plush: Just as thick as Saxony carpet but has a velvet appearance.
  • Textured: Curly fibers allow for a footprint and mark-free carpet.
  • Cut-And-Loop: Contains fiber textures that are cut and others that are tied into a loop.
  • Shag: Long length and thick pile that has a soft texture.

Different carpet piles can mean different price points as well. Keep in mind that the texture of the carpet must fit in with your overall décor. A bedroom that’s focused on relaxation may not work well with a plush carpet that shows all of the day's marks. A boho chic bedroom could match well with a neutral shag carpet that’s soft.

4. Determine Color

Color is important when it comes to your carpet choice. After all, it's not possible to change carpet color once it’s installed, unlike other flooring choices. Take into consideration the color of the room first, as you don’t want your flooring to clash with your wall color.

The good news is that you have more room to play with carpet color you wouldn’t be able to try in other areas of the home, as it’s less likely to get food or dirt stains. For bedrooms, it’s always good to stick to a neutral color or a blend of neutral colors. If you’re trying to add warmth to your bedroom, go with a beige or tan hue. For more modern rooms, stick with a light gray.

Determine Color

5. Consider Carpet Cleaning

Even though your bedroom is not a high traffic area, you should clean your carpet at least once a year. After all, you spend most of your day sleeping in the bedroom, so you want to make sure the carpet is clean and dust-free. This is especially important if you or anyone in your family suffers from allergies. The average cost to clean carpets is $168, with most homeowners spending between $137 and $181.

Rugs & Other Flooring Décor

If you find that you want to add a little something extra to your bedroom flooring, you can always add a stylish rug near or around the bed. This can help to separate the space from the rest. Floor lamps are always a great choice to dress up a room as well. Use them how you see fit throughout the bedroom. You might even find it handy to have one close by, to easily turn off before falling asleep.

Rugs And Other Floor Decor


Carpeting is a popular choice for the bedroom and I’m sure you can see why. It adds a soft and warm feel that will help you relax and make you feel comfortable before getting a few hours of sleep. Determine your budget and set your preferences before you shop, so you have a better idea of what your dream carpet looks like.

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