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Cedar Decking Costs & Benefits

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By on Aug 24, 2020
Cedar Decking Costs & Benefits

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Cedar decking is one of the most prominent decking options across the country and given its ample benefits, it’s easy to see why. A cedar deck is the perfect addition to any home as it not only adds usable square footage in the backyard, but an extra gathering place for family and friends.

As is the case with many decking options, cedar decking does not come without its costs. Continue reading as I review all the costs that come with a cedar deck, as well as all the benefits I alluded to earlier.

Cedar Decking

Cedar Decking Costs

There are different grades of cedar decking and each comes with its own average price. Needless to say, high quality cedar will not only last longer, but require less maintenance over its lifetime. Basic, on the other hand, may not be as durable as the other options on the market.

According to our cedar decking material estimator, the average costs of cedar decking are:

  • Basic: $4.63 per linear foot
  • Mid-Grade: $5.62 per linear foot
  • High Quality: $6.56 per linear foot

On a square foot basis, cedar decking costs $3.75 per square foot.

For comparison purposes, below are the average costs of some of the other popular decking options.


Cedar Decking Types

Besides quality, there are two main types of cedar decking; untreated and treated. Most cedar decking is untreated because by nature, cedar contains a natural resistance to moisture, weathering and pest infection. However, some homeowners like to ensure their decks for years to come and go with treated cedar. That means the deck is pressure treated with chemicals to increase its resistance to moisture and insects.

In terms of size, cedar decking is typically sold in lengths of six feet and thicknesses of four to six inches. Manufacturers create coordinating poles that are used in conjunction with the decking for building purposes. The cedar is typically used as the finished or visible surface. Sadly, cedar is generally not strong enough to be used for framing. 

For an added design element, cedar decking can be painted, however, most homeowners simply leave it natural or seal the wood. According to our decking sealing cost estimator, the average price to seal a deck is $729.

Which Cedar Decking to Choose

The type of cedar you choose will largely depend on it’s purpose. If the cedar decking is going to be used as a walking surface, it’s best to select the highest quality possible to ensure durability and strength of the material. For cedar decking used on sitting surfaces and for rail pieces, homeowners can go with a lower grade.


Cedar Decking Benefits

Other than the obvious benefits of adding a durable and attractive feature to your backyard, there are a myriad of other pros of adding a cedar deck.

First and foremost, you would hard-pressed to find a more beautiful decking option on the market. While redwood is certainly gorgeous in its own way, cedar decking has a vibrant color that upgrades any outdoor project.

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Nonetheless, if you don’t enjoy the look of cedar, fear not, as cedar easily accepts stains that enrich the natural color of the wood. On top of that, both stains and deck sealing provide a protective barrier to the deck.

As discussed earlier, untreated cedar contains a natural resistance to moisture, weathering or pests. That is because it contains oils working everyday to perform its function. Those oils also repel wood, destroying insects such as carpenter ants and termites. As your cedar ages, the oils build up, ensuring a durable and beautiful deck.

Finally, American DIYers will be happy to know that cedar decking is grown from cedar trees in the U.S. and is processed locally. On top of that, cedar decks are lighter than the other decking options I mentioned earlier, making your decking installation project as easy as possible.

Stained Cedar

Final Cedar Decking Notes

Building a deck is certainly not the toughest home remodeling project, but one many homeowners across the country need assistance with. To ease their worries, most call reputable decking companies in the area. Before you do so, be mindful of my final notes below.

  • The cedar should be sealed every two to three years.
  • When a large quantity of cedar decking is needed, pre-order the amount you need.
  • Make sure your cedar comes from the same supplier when ordering large amounts.


Cedar decking is not only affordable, but one of the most attractive and accepted options on the market. If you’re thinking of adding a cedar deck to your home, click here and get connected with up to four reputable decking companies near you.

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