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Change The Look Of Your Yard With An Arbor Or Pergola

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By on Apr 18, 2018
Change The Look Of Your Yard With An Arbor Or Pergola

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This season, are you looking for a new way to improve your backyard? The latest trend is creating an outdoor “room” or a space in your yard where there is a specific purpose. Regardless of your backyard’s size, this can be easily done with the help of an arbor or pergola.

From enhancing the value of your property to creating space for you to relax, an arbor or a pergola can be the perfect addition to your backyard. See what it takes to install and a few ideas of how it can change the look of your yard.

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What Is A Pergola

What Is A Pergola?

If you love the look of a gazebo but wish it was just a bit more open, a pergola might be the choice for you. Instead of a covered top, pergolas have a lattice or cross-post roof, leaving you open to enjoy the sunshine, with the ability to add shade if you need it. It’s a structure that certainly adds the look of luxury to any yard.

Many homeowners opt to use a canopy to add shade when needed, creating not only a look of elegance but a practical function. Pergolas often act as outdoor rooms, which is a hot thing to have in the yard.

Often, it comes down to budget when deciding on a pergola addition. The average cost to install a pergola is between $2,000 and $15,000. The price can vary based on size, type of wood and any additional amenities you may want, such as a retractable canopy.

Benefits Of A Pergola

One of the best benefits a pergola provides is adding a focal point to your backyard. This can help improve the value of your property if you’re looking to sell. Another benefit, as I briefly mentioned, is the idea of an outdoor room. You can add a table or even a comfortable outdoor couch to entertain guests, relax outside or create a sanctuary all your own.

Pergolas also benefit the homeowner who wants to control how much sunshine they get as they enjoy their backyard. With a retractable canopy, you can easily open up the roof to let more light in and close it as the day becomes to warm, making it easier to stay outside longer.

Pergola Ideas For Small Backyards

Often, you’ll likely find a pergola in a larger backyard, because they often take up more space. But, there are certainly ways you can incorporate a pergola in your small backyard. The truth is, your pergola doesn’t have to be large to stand out. You may have your pergola over a small deck or simple sitting area for some added shade. For even more function, plant some grapevines nearby so you can use the pergola, not just for comfort, but also for your garden!

Pergola Ideas For Small Backyards

What Is An Arbor?

While an arbor may look similar to a pergola, it’s purpose is entirely different. Arbors generally are accents of decks, gardens and pathways. They are commonly attached to a structure but can also be freestanding over a garden walkway. They often have a trellis attached to each side.

Arbors are used to highlight space and features of your yard. They are often used to mark an entrance to an area, such as a garden or a seating area. It’s a great way to separate space without having walls like a gazebo does.

Arbors can vary in price depending on their size and what type of material you use. The average cost to install an arbor is $3,349. More detailed arbors can end up costing a homeowner more, that includes the addition of a trellis or different materials.

Benefits Of An Arbor

Arbors are a great alternative for homeowners who feel like they want to have a focal point in their backyard without sacrificing space. Arbors are perfect for avid gardeners, as vines love to grow on the lattice structure. They also are beautiful additions to a deck or patio and cohesively make them a part of the entire backyard layout.

Backyard Arbor Ideas

Backyard Arbor Ideas

Arbors are a great way to incorporate a focal point if you have a small backyard. I love arbors that include benches and seating into their structure. You could also hang windchimes or potted plants from the beams across the arbor.

If you have a small backyard, you’ll want to use your arbor for more than one purpose. You can easily make it into a comfortable seating area with a small bench and some outdoor throw pillows at the same time. Include a few potted herb plants to create a useful garden. Hanging some string lights from the lattice will even help your yard sparkle at night.


An arbor or pergola is the perfect way to add a look of elegance to any yard, regardless of size. They can be an attractive focal point that adds value to your home or simply a great place to entertain and impress your guests. Consider adding an arbor or pergola to your yard this year to give it a fresh new look!

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