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Change Your Kitchen Cabinet Knobs & Pulls

By on Jan 13, 2019
Change Your Kitchen Cabinet Knobs & Pulls

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It’s quite possibly one of the smallest details in the kitchen, but a simple change of your cabinet knobs and pulls can make a big difference. In fact, it’s one of the finishing details in a kitchen remodel that often gets overlooked.

As an affordable kitchen upgrade, you can easily change your kitchen cabinet hardware. But beware, there are many options that exist! To help, here are a few tips to find new cabinet knobs and pulls.

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What Is Kitchen Cabinet Hardware?

Kitchen cabinet hardware, kitchen cabinet jewelry, knobs and pulls; it’s likely you’ve heard these terms at some point as you browse through home décor inspiration. Thankfully, they all mean the same thing, these are the attachments that go on your cabinet doors and drawers to help you open and close them. They’re also a decorative item that you must pay attention to.

“The style of the hardware should also complement the cabinetry,” Carly Pupillo, kitchen and bath designer at LaMantia Design & Remodeling. “If you have more modern cabinetry, try keeping on track with modern style hardware as well.”

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Kitchen Cabinet Hardware Trends

Of course, like any aspect of home décor, their styles of cabinet jewelry that come and go, and some that are even considered timeless. If you’ve been keeping up with current kitchen trends, some of these might not be as surprising to you.

“Mid-century modern hardware styles are very popular,” Pupillo said. “Not only are they typically a very simple and clean line, but they add a sharpness to your overall design.

Pupillo also mentioned that the concept of integrated hardware is becoming more frequent in updated kitchens.

“Integrated hardware that is built into the cabinetry is becoming popular as well, as it doesn’t stick out as far as regular hardware, preventing clothing and cords from getting caught on it,” she said.

Keeping in mind contrast will be helpful if you’re looking to keep your kitchen cabinet hardware timeless.

“Contrast, contrast, contrast! Picking a hardware color that pops off the cabinet color so people can see the cabinet jewelry is best,” Pupillo said.

Ideas For Kitchen Cabinet Knobs & Pulls

For the most part, homeowners have a choice between knobs and pulls. There are so many varieties but determining if you want a knob or pull is a great place to start.

“Pulls are definitely becoming more popular than knobs,” Pupillo said. “People find them more user-friendly when opening up heavy drawers or large doors. They also look much cleaner and more modern.”

Kitchen knobs can often come in more styles that have an intricate design aspect. For example, this knob from Anthropologie utilizes intricate metallic design over pearl, something you couldn’t do with a pull.

However, as Pupillo mentioned, pulls can be better for accessibility and give a sleek look to your kitchen. I love these pulls from Home Depot that would go great in any modern looking kitchen.

The good news about knobs and pulls is that they are easily changeable based on the trends, so you can try out what works best for you!

“Get bold! Don’t worry about being too conservative with hardware,” Pupillo said. “Hardware is like jewelry for your cabinets and is easily changeable for a small price point. Go bold and fun with your hardware!”

DIY Or Contact A Pro?

If you’re a new homeowner, this might be the first time you’re thinking about kitchen cabinet knobs and pulls. So, the big question is, do you do it yourself or contact a pro? The answer, you can absolutely DIY, unless you’re adding a new style that requires you to drill into your cabinets, such as replacing a knob with a pull.  However, if you have some DIY experience, this might be a project you can accomplish in just an hour or two.

“Buying the same size hardware that you currently have is key, because you need to cover the existing holes in the cabinets,” Pupillo said. “Remember that hardware width is measured from the center of each mounting screw to the other, not from end to end.”

If you’ve decided this isn’t the DIY project for you, contact a handyman who can help.


If you haven’t been paying attention to your kitchen cabinet knobs and pulls, now is the time to do so. It’s an affordable, easy update that will make your kitchen look great.

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