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Childproofing Your Home: How To Create A Safe & Happy Environment

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By on Sep 14, 2017
Childproofing Your Home: How To Create A Safe & Happy Environment

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While you may not realize it, you have many potential hazards in your home. From electrical outlets to dangerous chemicals, these all pose a potential threat to anyone they come in contact with. Kids are curious and may not understand what is a danger these items are to their bodies. If your family is growing, you may want to consider a few methods to childproof your home.

You might already be familiar with baby gates to keep kids out of areas that aren’t safe for them, but they're plenty of other tactics that can give you control of your home. Take a look at a few ways you can childproof your home and make it safe for all.

If you need help installing childproofing measures correctly, it’s best to ask a pro to help. Contact a handyman today for up to four quotes from contractors in your area, for free.

Childproofing Your Home

What To Childproof

If you’re thinking about ways to childproof your home, you want to do it right. After all, this is for the safety of your kids or grandkids. Childproofing prevents kids in all stages of life from unintentional injuries. According to the CDC, preventable injuries are the leading cause of death for children 19 and under. This can include burns, falls, poison and drowning. These are injuries that can be avoided in your home if there are childproofing measures in place. Here are a few childproofing tips:

  • Locking drawers and cabinets with medicines or chemicals
  • Installing toilet locks
  • Secure dressers and shelving units to the wall
  • Properly store tiny objects
  • Mount your TV
  • Guard outlets and power strips
  • Install cordless blinds

Make a childproofing checklist of all the areas you want to focus on. Remember, you still need to be able to function in your home. Be sure to choose childproofing that works with your lifestyle.

Childproof Doors & Stairways

As you might already know, a simple gate can be the answer to securing your stairway and preventing injury. But, you want to find one that works well for your family. After all, if you’re stepping over a gate, that’s a hazard to you as well. Walk-through gates are a great choice for areas that are frequently used.  Additionally, you’ll want to secure your banisters. This can protect your child from getting stuck or even throwing items through the banister rails. Most require a simple installation you can do yourself.

While doors can protect children from what’s behind it, curiosity might get the best of them. Childproof door locks can be helpful at keeping little hands from getting in and exploring. Door knob and lever handle locks are a great choice for entryways to the home and are easily accessible for adults to use.

Childproofing In The Kitchen

The kitchen presents multiple safety hazards for children. Toddlers, in particular, are drawn to the many aspects of the kitchen. You’ll first want to remove any breakables or hazardous items from lower shelves. Invest in childproof cabinet and drawer locks. Depending on how you use the drawers, you’ll want something that you can easily access yourself but keeps little ones out.

Most people stock their cleaning supplies under the sink or a low shelf. This can be dangerous for kids, as they are poison. Switching to natural, green cleaners can make a difference if an accident does happen, however, locking or moving these cleaners is a smart idea.

When you’re cooking, keep hot pots and pans out of reach. Turn handles inward to prevent a child from grabbing and spilling a hot dish. Use outlet covers in the kitchen as needed.


Childproofing In The Bathroom

Similar to the kitchen, childproof cabinet and drawer locks should be used throughout the bathroom. Bathroom cleaning supplies are poison if ingested or if contact is made with the skin. Keep these far out of reach of children. Small appliances, such as hair dryers and curlers, should also be kept in a locked drawer.

Water is a danger in the bathroom. Non-slip mats on the floor and bathtub will reduce any falling risks. For little ones who still love bath time, invest in a cover for the bathtub faucet. Should an accident happen, you won’t have to worry about an additional injury from the spout.

Curious toddlers will certainly be interested in the toilet. That makes it even more important to install a toilet lock. Not only for their safety but for the safety of your plumbing! There are many stories of objects such as toys, phones and more getting stuck in the toilet. A toilet lock can help you steer clear of these problems!

Childproofing Doors

Childproofing In Your Backyard

Not only are there concerns inside the home, but outdoors as well. You won’t want to overlook them. Pools are the largest hazard for children outside. Be sure to have a secure fence or guard around the perimeter of the pool. Remember, children should never be left unsupervised in the pool. If you’re concerned about children entering the pool unaccompanied, a pool alarm can tell you when someone has entered the pool, so you can act immediately.

A fence is one of the best ways to secure your backyard. It can keep children from wandering off. Playsets are great for keeping kids entertained, however, you’ll want to be sure they are safe to use. Inspect the play set once a month for loose boards or pieces. For wood equipment, check to make sure the wood is smooth. Rough wood can give children splinters. Even the smallest splinter can cause intense pain.

Childproofing Kitchen

Costs Of Childproofing

While I’ve covered many ways to create a safer home for your family, the list goes on. One of the best ways to be certain that your house is protected from unintentional injury is with the help of a pro. The average cost to childproof a home is $431, with most homeowners spending between $265 and $480.


Having a safe home is important for family members of all ages. Of course, you don’t want to restrict access to the items you need most. Find childproofing solutions that work for your needs and keep your child safe.

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