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Clever Tools That Will Make Every Homeowner’s Life Easier

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By on Apr 6, 2016
Clever Tools That Will Make Every Homeowner’s Life Easier

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Do you have a tool that you can’t live without? Every now and again, a product comes along that makes you wonder how you ever lived without it.

Homeowners are constantly finding more efficient ways to complete tasks and save time. With that in mind, we've rounded up four simple, yet innovative, products that will make your life much easier by maximizing your time and enhancing your life.


The eTape16

Never confuse a measurement again with the eTape16 digital tape measure. Measuring up to 16 feet, the eTape16 provides reliable and accurate measurements in both inches and centimeters. The eTape16 can also display decimals and fractions. Each measurement is digitized and shown on a large display so it’s easy to read, providing no space for mistakes.

Hanging photos evenly in your home will no longer be a challenge. One of my favorite features is the tool can calculate the mid-point or center-line of any measurement at the touch of a button. It’s so much easier to just look at a number instead of trying to figure out the lines on the tape measure! Another special feature of the eTape16 to make note of is the automatic timer. This tape will automatically shut off after not being used for five minutes. This saves battery power, allowing the eTape16 to be effective for 64 hours of continuous use.

If you’re concerned that tossing it in a tool box may cause it damage, you have no need to worry. It’s made with a polycarbonate case for durability and rubber bumper on the top to help protect the LCD display. Better yet, it’s waterproof, meaning it can be used virtually on any job and in any condition. As a kitchen and bath designer, you can believe that tape measure comes along with me to every job site.

Paint Buddy

2. Shur-line's Touch Up Painter

If walls could talk, they'd probably be complaining about all the scratches, scuff marks and chips. Any homeowner will tell you that painting is the least expensive way to transform a room and touching up that paint is an easy way to keep your home looking clean and new. Even so, let's be honest: no homeowner wants to be bothered with the time-consuming and messy process. Shur-line's Touch Up Painter is the solution we have all been looking for. 

This handheld paint storage container and roller makes touch-up jobs a breeze. When you’re done with your initial paint job, pour your leftovers into the Touch Up Painter. Label it with the room and paint color and when you’re ready to touch-up, all you have to do is roll the paint across any problematic areas. Clean up is easy, too. Rinse or toss the rollers, lid and you’re done. Refills can be purchased separately. The Paint Buddy also saves you room, as you don’t have to store those bulky cans. It stores up to 10sf of paint which is an ample amount for most. You can even use it to apply paint samples prior to your initial paint job. Touch Up Painter can also be used for other DIY projects such as stencils, poster making and other craft projects.


3. Magnetic Stud Finder 

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For hanging heavy pictures, mirrors, or shelves, you need to know where your wall studs are. When drywall is applied, steel nails are used to nail it to the 2x4 studs underneath. These steel nails can be found with a strong magnet. The Magnetic Stud Finder by C.H. Hanson uses not one, but two magnets, doubling the scanning area and reducing time.

All you have to do is run this handy little gadget gently over your wall and when it finds a steel nail, it'll magnetize itself to the wall. You can even feel when you're close to the nail. This tool also features a small level that you can rotate either vertically or horizontally depending on the orientation of the tool to make sure whatever your about to hang is not crooked. No batteries and no calibration needed for this simple, effective tool.


4. ThumbSaver

This is a very simple tool and from the moment I saw it, I loved it. The ThumbSaver features a strong magnetic nail-holding slot that allows you to hold a nail in place without having your fingers in harm's way. Because you're holding the handle of the ThumbSaver instead of the nail itself, it also gives you a few more inches of reach. It's a much easier and more efficient way than using your fingers or needle-nose pliers. Place the nail where you want it, give it a couple of taps and then pull the tool away. In addition to saving your fingers, it also makes nailing in otherwise awkward places such as over your head seem effortless.


These tools may not seem to be anything fancy, until you use them. The goal is to make your home improvements as efficient and effective as possible, and these tools will certainly help!

Which one of these products did you enjoy the most? Do you have another tool not on the list that makes your life easier? Tweet me @whalenkristin or comment below.

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