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Contractor Spotlight: Air Services Comfort Solutions, LLC

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By on Apr 29, 2015
Contractor Spotlight: Air Services Comfort Solutions, LLC

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Unlike many other trades, HVAC is almost always reserved for home improvement professionals. These pros know that and oftentimes, try to take advantage of those homeowners needing a whole new HVAC system or a $20 part.

Fortunately enough, there are honest HVAC pros like Will Noe at Air Services Comfort Solutions LLC. His Louisville-based company provides residential and commercial, heating & air conditioning services to Louisville, Southern Indiana and surrounding communities. In addition to their honesty, they also offer an ironclad guarantee. If they can’t fix it or it’s not worth fixing, there’s no charge whatsoever.

I recently chatted with Will to find out more about his business, problems in the industry and what all homeowners need to look out for when dealing with HVAC contractors.

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Jacob Hurwith: How long have you been in the business?

Will Noe: I have been in the HVAC business since 1994, but started Air Services Comfort Solutions in 2013.

All my hires are tenured professionals with over 20 years of experience. We care about what we do and it shows. We offer senior citizen and maintenance contract holder discounts.

Hurwith: What are some of the services you offer?

Noe: We do all residential and commercial heating, AC and ventilation. We do it all from big installations to simple fixes. We even pick up trash cans at end of driveway.

We offer outrageous service. We want to provide more than someone would expect; going above and beyond the call of duty. It’s the small things that people remember like grabbing the newspaper, getting the mail or bringining in the trash.

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Hurwith: What are some of the most frustrating aspects of the business?

Noe: Undoubtedly, it’s HVAC refrigerant leaks. They are hard to locate, have to pull up all the Freon, use a torch and overall, is a time-consuming process. It’s the biggest headache in my industry.

Additionally, R-22 has been the main refrigerant for HVAC systems for the last 40 years. They are discontinuing the R-22 due to environmental issues (for more info, click here). So overall, you have to replace it or get a new one. Either way, it’s going to be expensive.

There’s typically a markup on parts, a labor rate and time cost. It could be $400 before parts, so all homeowners have to ask themselves if it’s worth investing in an old system or replacing it with new system.

Hurwith: What is your favorite remodeling story?

Noe: I have been to calls where a client has been told that he or she needs a brand new unit and the fix turns out to be a $20 part. In total, it ends up costing $100. Fortunately, they called for a 2nd opinion and $100 later, they were up and cooling.

They thanked me up and down.

Sadly, it’s very common in this trade to be lied to. There’s not much money in small repairs.

The lesson is to always get at least three estimates and ask for references. I even tell homeowners to do so. I probably lose some work to it, but that’s OK. I’m doing what an honest contractor should do. I sleep much better at night knowing I did someone right versus pushing something they didn’t really need.

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Hurwith: How do you promote your business?

Noe: Word of mouth and referrals. It is by far the best form of marketing I have. That is why we offer outrageous service.


As you can see above, it pays to get multiple estimates. Sometimes, a $2,000 installation bill can turn into a $100 repair bill.

If you need an experienced HVAC professional, you can contact Will at or click here and get connected with up to four HVAC contractors near you!

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