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Contractor Spotlight: MCS Painting & Decorating

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By on Mar 18, 2015
Contractor Spotlight: MCS Painting & Decorating

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While interior painting is certainly a popular DIY project, many homeowners call on the pros to get the job done as efficiently and timely as possible. In Northern Illinois, few do it better than MCS Painting & Decorating.

Unlike many other painting professionals, MCS prides themselves on working within your budget. In fact, they’ll often take jobs under market value just to get a referral, even it means breaking even. I recently sat down with Marco Salvino, MCS founder, to discuss his long journey to MCS Painting & Decorating, some of his daily struggles and his most rewarding painting job.

Marco Salvino

Jacob Hurwith: How did you get into the painting business?

Marco Salvino: I have been in the painting and staining industry for 23 years and started MCS three years ago. In addition to painting, we also do interior and exterior power washing. As time went on, I saw more homeowners focusing on strategy. I started studying color and now, we offer color consultations as well.

We only work with painters I personally know or have worked with. We do not hire cheap labor just to get the job done.

MCS Painting

Jacob Hurwith: What do you love about the business?

Marco Salvino: After art school, I started off in decorative painting. I got into the business to make people happy. I enjoy working with the customer as opposed to taking over their house. Everyone appreciates being part of the job and not feeling like they just hired a cheap painting and decorating company.

I am happy to say through this mentality, we’ve never had one bad experience.

MCS Decorating

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Jacob Hurwith: What are some of the most frustrating aspects of the business?

Marco Salvino: There are always carpenters or non-pros out there bidding half the amount of money for the same job. These pros rarely offer the same quality of service as professional painters, but sadly, homeowners have a tough time seeing through.

People should adhere to good quality and a good painting pro knows what the customer wants. If they do hear cheaper prices, I oftentimes offer discounts to help. I believe in my work and a referral is worth a lower-paying job.

MCS Interview

Jacob Hurwith: What is your favorite remodeling story?

Marco Salvino: Last year, we completed a job for a nice lady in South Elgin, IL. She did not have the biggest budget and our overall profit was minimal. Nonetheless, we went above and beyond to give her the whole red carpet treatment. The job was exterior painting and siding. We gave her two coats of paint that will last 10 to 15 years.

She was so appreciative and now refers us every chance she gets. Not only did she write an outstanding review on my CraftJack profile, but she referred her mother and friend, both of which turned into jobs. In fact, she even referred the local police department.


All home improvement professionals believe in their work, but few are so confident to take on less expensive jobs just to get a referral. Marco Salvino and MCS Painting & Decorating prove the value of their brand with every single job.

If you need an experienced painter, you can contact Marco at or click here and get connected with up to four other painting professionals near you!

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