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Contractor Spotlight: Randy White Painting

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By on Jun 27, 2015
Contractor Spotlight: Randy White Painting

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Owning a small painting company in The Sunshine State, Randy White works on every single project his crew receives. While it may be more work, it’s also more gratifying seeing the satisfaction on every customer’s face once the job is finished.

The extra work doesn’t faze Randy and that is why he started his own residential painting company, Randy White Painting, 18 years ago. Now covering six towns in Southwest Florida, Randy has grown his business to new heights, but as you will see below, it’s been the small things that have made him so successful.

Exterior Paint Job

Jacob Hurwith: Please provide some history into your company?

Randy White: Well, I started Randy White Painting 18 years ago. Before that, I ran a small painting crew in Vermont. There are only three of us in the crew, but we do all interior and exterior repainting projects for five to six towns in Southwest Florida.

Hurwith: What do you love about the painting business?

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White: I love seeing the gratification on their faces. Being with a small company, I have the opportunity to be on all job sites. I love taking something that has been neglected for so long and making it beautiful.

I also like throwing in some bonuses and seeing their reactions. We have installed new light fixtures for clients and trimmed some trees; just some little things around the house.

I’ve never left a job down here where someone wasn’t happy. I pride myself on that skill for every job.

Interior Painting

Hurwith: What are some of the more frustrating aspects of the business?

White: In Florida, we have to deal with the weather. We almost get an afternoon shower every day. Another obstacle is dealing with other contractors. If they haven’t finished the flooring or another part of the project, we can’t do our job. Dealing with other contractors can be annoying.

Overall, I like my job. I like the two kids that work for me and fortunately, we are pretty efficient at what we do.

Hurwith: What is your favorite remodeling story?

White: A few years ago, I started an exterior painting job for a condo development. It was bigger than my usual job. However, they really liked my work and it turned into a 5-year contract for five condos every year. Every winter, I repaint each house.

I have met so many people in the association that I have gotten roughly 40 jobs within the condo association since then.

Randy White Condo Job

Hurwith: Is there anything else you would like to share about your business?

White: We are out there working hard on every job site. Through a good track record, we have built our business on referrals. That good track record has paid off.


Hard work always pays off and even with a small crew, Randy White has seen the payback.

If you are in need of fresh coat of paint in Southwest Florida, shoot Randy an email at

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