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Creating A Cozy Bedroom With The Right Flooring

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By on Jun 23, 2016
Creating A Cozy Bedroom With The Right Flooring

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When it’s time to get ready for bed, do you start thinking about the room you wish you could retreat to? Every homeowner dreams of their perfect bedroom. For some, they want to walk into a room with simple elegance, straight lines and soft colors to help them relax. The perfect haven for others might be a room that’s bold and romantic, with soft lighting to rest well. Whatever the space you desire, it might surprise you that an update in bedroom floors can change the way you view your bedroom sanctuary.

Traditionally, carpet has been the flooring of choice. But with many varieties and styles of wood, tile and area rugs, it’s possible to create the relaxing space you desire without remodeling your entire bedroom. It’s time to get creative.

Modern Hardwood Bedroom

Hardwood Floors

For a look that will never go out of style, hardwood floors are your best bet. There are many styles to choose from. For a traditional look, go with the popular red oak option or teak. Both are strong and durable, so it will work well if you tend to move heavy furniture in the room. For a modern bedroom look, try a white oak or Douglas fir.

Remember to match the wood with your preferred wood stain as well. Current trends include gray or lighter for a more contemporary look. Darker stains are timeless and promote a warm, cozy environment in the bedroom.

One of the best benefits to hardwood floors is they’re easy to clean and best for people with allergies. If you’re worried about the cold floor touching your feet first thing in the morning, try adding an area rug.

Area Rug On Dark Wood

Bamboo Floors

As an affordable, modern and sustainable alternative to hardwood floors, bamboo is a great option for the bedroom. If you love having a natural, eco-friendly look in your bedroom, bamboo can help complete that theme. Incorporate bamboo flooring into your bedroom with green and neutral accent colors to create an indoor oasis.

It comes in many colors, so if you’re looking for a bolder look, try a darker color of bamboo with red and orange accent colors in the bedroom. You’ll sleep better knowing you chose the flooring option that’s best for your bedroom and the earth.

Before you buy, be aware of the quality of bamboo you’re installing, as lower qualities have a tendency to scratch more easily.

Trendy Hardwood Bedroom

Laminate Floors

If you like the look of hardwood, but are looking for something more budget-friendly, laminate flooring might be a good choice for you. Laminate flooring provides many similar options to hardwood that can add style to your bedroom. This flooring used to be uncommon in most bedrooms, however, trends point to homeowners looking for a new look without spending a fortune. Laminate comes in a variety of types, patterns and colors to match your look. A dark finish will really give the space a relaxing atmosphere, while a lighter color will give it a more contemporary look.

Laminate is a great DIY project, as it won’t take as much time as other flooring options. It’s another easy-clean option as well. It’s a great option for families that have children and pets, where foot traffic and messes in bedrooms may be frequent.

Tile In Bedroom

Tile In the Bedroom

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Less common in bedrooms is tile, but that certainly does not mean it shouldn’t be considered an option. Tile is very durable and requires little maintenance. But the bedroom tile doesn’t have to mimic your cold kitchen tile. If you desire a unique, clean look in your bedroom, tile could be the answer for you.

The best color choices for the bedroom are charcoal gray and caramel ceramic tile. This keeps the bedroom from looking cold and sterile, but rather warm and inviting. Tile designs that incorporate lines and geometric shapes can add to a contemporary looking bedroom. There are also many tiles that mimic the look of wood to keep the traditional look without the cost.

If you’re concerned touching the cold tile first thing in the morning, consider a rug or installing electric radiant floor heating.

Chic Bedroom Carpet

Bedroom Carpet

If the above options seem too modern for you, opt for the traditional bedroom carpet. Carpeting is a great way to maintain a cozy look and feel to your bedroom. With a variety of color and texture, you can find a carpet style to compliment any type of bedroom décor. Here are a few common bedroom carpet styles:

  • Saxony: This is a classic carpet option for the home where the yarn is slightly curled and cut on an angle.
  • Plush: An option of luxury, plush carpet is thick and has a great feel, with the fibers cut completely level.
  • Frieze: Generally, a mix of two different colors, this twisted carpet maintains a shaggy look and soft to the touch.

Carpet is a great way to add warmth to your bedroom. Beware, however, that carpet trends change quickly. Another downside is they tend to trap dirt and dust, making it difficult for people with allergies. Try to pick a carpet in a neutral color to improve your ROI when it comes time to sell. Call a pro to help with installation, as this isn’t an easy DIY project.

Area Rug On Carpet

Area Rugs

For any of the above options, the addition of an area rug can add additional décor and warmth to the room, particularly if you've gone with a non-carpet option. When it comes to area rugs, there are many options and you can change them out as your style fluctuates.

If you’re looking for contemporary area rugs, choose a bright pattern such as a colorful chevron or black and white checkers. You can also think outside of the traditional rectangle by choosing a different shape or an undefined shape.

If you’re goal is relaxation, stick to pastels like blue and purple. Clean designs or natural fiber rugs can be great choices for your retreat.

To keep it classic and bring out the best in your floors, choose a solid, neutral color with an interesting texture to keep the focal point on your beautiful flooring and your feet warm. Be sure to consider the sizes of furniture in your bedroom when choosing your rug. A rug that is too small or too large can make the room look disproportional. Two key rules to keep in mind are:

  • For larger area rugs, it should frame the bed proportionally.
  • For a smaller rug, make sure the length of the rug is the same as the bed or largest piece of furniture.

Creating A Cozy Bedroom With The Right Flooring


Where you choose to rest your head at the end of the day is just as important as where you choose to place your feet at the beginning of the day. The type of floor you add to your bedroom can change the way you see the space. Think of it as part of your room décor that completes the look of your dream bedroom.

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