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Creating A Master Bedroom Addition

Building a master bedroom addition is a great way to boost the property value of your home. ImproveNet can connect you with contractors in your area to get quotes and get your project moving forward.

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The master bedroom is the relaxation haven of many homes. Some people soon realize they don’t have the space they want, so they look for ways that they can expand the space. One option for doing this is to build a master bedroom addition. 

Before you contact the contractor, you should determine what you want to have done. Looking at ideas for master bedrooms that have a layout similar to yours might help. This is often a good starting point to finding the peaceful bedroom of your dreams. Consider these points as you embark upon the master bedroom addition project.

ImproveNet connects you to contractors in your area so you can get quotes on your home addition project.

Master Bedroom Addition With Bathroom

Some homes have master bedrooms that don’t include a bathroom, but many people want to have the full master suite experience. A master bedroom addition with a bathroom can give you a lot more space and considerable privacy, since you won’t have to use the same bathroom as everyone else in your home.

Another benefit of adding a master bedroom addition is that it can increase your property value. While this isn’t a big factor for people who are planning on staying in the home forever, people who know they’re going to sell the home soon will likely appreciate this benefit of creating a larger master suite.

Bump Out Master Bedroom Addition Plans

A bump out master bedroom addition is an option for people who don’t have a lot of space for the addition. This type of addition adds square footage to the room, but it isn’t as much of an increase as a traditional addition.

Anyone who needs a bigger master bedroom but can’t work with a traditional increase in square footage can consider this option. Because you won’t gain too much space, you should focus on utilizing the space you do have in the best manner possible. A master bedroom makeover based on the bump out master bedroom addition plans may help you to find the layout and options that suit your current needs within the space.

How To Build A Master Bedroom Addition

One of the most important things to remember about building a master bedroom addition is that it must meet or exceed the local building codes. You’ll need to secure a permit before building can start. This means you’ll need to have the blueprints and specifications for the project so you can submit them to the code enforcement or permit office in your municipality.

The process for building the master bedroom addition is labor-intensive, so many homeowners opt to hire a contractor to complete the project. The contractor should be familiar with the local building codes and permitting process so they can handle those tasks for you. They’ll also be able to do the job in an efficient manner.

How To Decorate A Master Bedroom

There are many places where you can get master bedroom decor ideas. The key is to find options that meet your personal style preferences and suit the layout of the room. Hiring an interior designer can help you get the look you want without you having to do all the work.

Oftentimes, the bed is the focal point in the master bedroom. You should carefully choose the bedding for the room with this in mind. You also need to choose the wall color, floor type, and overall theme for the space. Once you have these points decided, you can move toward finding the decor and accessories that work for the area.

Just because you create a master bedroom addition doesn’t mean that you need to forget about optimizing the utilization of the space. When possible, try to find options that serve more than one purpose. For example, a master bed with storage underneath gives you extra room for bedding you don’t use often or out-of-season clothing.

Contact Contractors In Your Area

The process for building a master bedroom addition can be challenging. ImproveNet connects you to contractors and other professionals in your area who can help you with the project. When possible, obtain three quotes per area of the project. Your bedroom addition might mean you need not only a contractor but also an interior designer. Once you have the quotes in hand, you can choose the options you feel are best suited to your needs.

Remember, it’s best to work with contractors who are licensed, bonded, and insured so you know you have the protections these offer. Discuss these with any contractor you intend to hire prior to them working on your home.

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