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Creating A Small Home Office

Create a small home office that fits into your compact space and make working from home more efficient. Design a convenient layout and ergonomic setup that works for you.

Working from home is the new normal, but your house or apartment might not be quite set up for optimal productivity. Creating a small home office when you've got limited space can be a challenge. Fortunately, there are ways to organize your layout and make your compact work-from-home space more efficient.

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Small Home Office Layouts

The layout of your home office depends on the specific space you have available. If you have an extra bedroom, you might be able to create an entire self-contained office in that space. Homes or apartments with limited extra space might require you to design a tiny home office in a closet or breakfast nook. Your home might already have something that could serve as a small home office built-in. Ideas include repurposing a basement, utility room, or attic space into a small work area.

In a small home, one way to maximize the limited room you have available for a home office is to think vertically. This means installing shelves, cabinetry, hutches, or other storage accessories on the wall above your desk so you take up less floor space. Consider using the underside of wall-mounted shelves and cabinets to hang small baskets, bins, or cups that let you keep little items such as pens and paper clips within reach but off your desk surface.

Setting Up In A Shared Space

When there's no extra room for a separate office, consider designating part of a larger room as space for working at home. This might involve rearranging existing furniture to make space for a desk, but you can also incorporate existing pieces into your home office setup. If you have a storage bench or large ottoman, consider using the compartment inside to store work supplies such as copy paper and reference books. This keeps everything you need close at hand without adding an extra storage cabinet or bookcase to your room.

You can use folding screens or a hanging curtain to block off your work zone from the rest of the space. If you're setting up in a high-traffic area of your home, such as at the top of a stairway or in a small entryway, choose a slim desk and a compact chair that slips under the desk surface to ensure others can still pass through without running into your work area. Other small home office ideas include incorporating existing furniture into your plans, such as using the dining room table or a kitchen island as an office during part of the day.

Essential Home Office Equipment

No matter how your home office is designed, there are a few pieces of essential equipment you probably need to fit into your space. Your computer, desk, chair, storage space for supplies and the best small home office printer available are must-have items on your home office supply list. A cabinet with drawers and doors lets you tuck away work essentials after your day is done so you can more easily separate work and home life. Cable organizers are another essential item since loose wires trailing through your space can hamper your ability to function in a tiny home office.

Organizing A Home Office

If you're contemplating how to organize a home office, ergonomics is a major consideration. Make sure you have a comfortable chair and a desk that keeps your computer at the right height. You might need a computer riser that elevates your laptop to prevent bending that could cause neck and back strain.

A small home office desk doesn't have to be a separate unit, so consider a space-saving built-in desk that folds up into the wall when you aren't using it. Another option is to use a rolling cart that you can move from room to room

Small Home Office Decor Ideas

Designing your small home office isn't just about productivity. You are likely to be spending a lot of your time there, so also include items that help keep you relaxed and happy when you're creating a small home office.

Floating shelves give your work area a modern look while also providing room to store accessories or display personal items that make your day brighter. When you're decorating your home office, choose a color scheme that keeps you happy and includes items in those hues to visually set your workspace apart from the rest of your home. Indoor plants can also give life to an otherwise drab space.

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Creating A Small Home Office

Whether you're designating a small space as your new home office or renovating an entire room to dedicate to work purposes, there are a lot of elements to consider. Putting thought into how to set up a home office before you get started helps ensure you have everything you require and can get to work as quickly as possible.

Looking for help setting up a small home office in an apartment, condo, or tiny home? Consider hiring an interior designer to give you ideas for maximizing your available space.

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