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Creating An Organized Kitchen

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By on Mar 20, 2017
Creating An Organized Kitchen

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While we know that the kitchen is the heart of the home, we also know that it can easily become one of the most disorganized areas in the house. With many moving in and out, it can quickly become quite a mess.

If you’re finding more things misplaced in your kitchen when you need them, it might be time to rethink your kitchen’s organizational system. See a few organizational tips that will help you transform your kitchen into a functional cooking and entertainment area.

A perfectly organized kitchen might call for a fresh start. A kitchen remodel can improve the functionality and quality of your space. Contact a kitchen remodeling pro today for up to four quotes from contractors in your area for free.

Kitchen Organization

Professional Home Organizer Costs

From container lids to random silverware, your kitchen is home to many small supplies. Sometimes, kitchens can be so out of control you may not know where to start. If this sounds like you, it might be time to call in a pro. They can help you sort through the kitchen clutter and find a system that will work best for you. The average cost to hire a professional organizer is $478, with most homeowners spending between $314 and $512.

Create Systems

When you have many people using various aspects of the kitchen, items will get misplaced and cluttered. The first step in creating an organized kitchen is finding a system that all can follow. Clearly communicate with everyone using the kitchen where in the cabinets, refrigerator, pantry and drawers and other items will go. When everyone is on the same page, it makes organization a smooth process.

Organized Kitchen Drawer

Kitchen Drawer Organizer

Everyone has a junk drawer. You know, the drawer that small items just get tossed in and sometimes forgotten about? Unfortunately, any kitchen drawer can become a junk drawers if there is no system in place. Luckily, there are many stores that sell various drawer organizers you can fit right in. Silverware drawer organizers come in handy so you can fit the forks, spoons and knives exactly where they need to go.

Slot organizers and dividers are helpful when it comes to organizing larger utensils like spatulas and ladles. For other items, consider the shape and decide if a container or a divider is best. Stay consistent where you put these items.

Organized Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen Cabinet Organizer

If you’re anything like me, my biggest struggle in the kitchen is organizing plastic storage containers in my cabinets. After all, if you lose one of the two parts, the storage container is virtually useless. Invest in containers of various sizes to fit food leftovers of all kinds. However, you should only keep about 10 to 12 containers for food storage. Any more can cause clutter. Get rid of any that aren’t uniform to the rest or an odd shape. Try to stack like containers when you can with the lids underneath. Additionally, you may want to invest in a small cabinet shelf to help sort different size containers from the rest, or lids from containers.

Of course, our cabinets are used for much more than simply organizing plastic storage containers. For more tips, read How To Organize Kitchen Cabinets.

Organized Kitchen Sink

Kitchen Sink Organizer

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There are two things you must consider when you’re organizing around your kitchen sink; around the sink and under the sink. Many of us keep cleaning and other storage supplies under the sink. But, they can become a mess over time. Start by getting rid of any empty cleaning bottles, old bags and any other random item. Next, hang a small rod between the cabinet walls and now you’ve created efficient storage for your hanging bottles! Arrange on the bottom supplies you use the most in the front, to the least used in the back.

In and around your sink can become a mess as well. Invest in a drying rack for your dishes that fit inside the sink, so you don’t take up valuable counterspace. Additionally, there are some soap pumps with a sponge holder attached, so you never have to worry about misplacing your sponge again!

Kitchen Wall Storage

Kitchen Wall Organizer

If you’re looking for more space to get organized, look to your walls. Often, we overlook these areas in favor of cabinetry. But it can be just as easy and space-saving to utilize these spaces. Wall hanging spice racks keep oregano, parsley, basil and more in reach but out of the way while you cook.

Another way to add vertical storage is with a pegboard. From pots and pans to cooking utensils, this is a handy way to hang almost any object in your kitchen. To see how you can do this in your kitchen, read this tutorial from The Kitchn.

Kitchen Organization Costs

Kitchen Pantry Organization

When it comes to the pantry, there are many storage struggles. What is the best way to store an open bag? Where do you put small flavoring packets? While everyone's pantry is shaped a little differently, here are a few tips that can help:

  • Categorize like items by shelf such as canned goods or pasta products.
  • For bottles and jars, use wire racks installed on the backs of doors or the pantry wall.
  • Keep chip clips and a marker nearby the snacks so it’s easy to close and label when the bag was opened.
  • Store cereal, dry goods and other snacks in clear containers that fit neatly together instead of boxes.


An organized kitchen is possible and you can keep it that way. Start with a few small changes that can be easily done by everyone in the household. Every family is different, so adjust for what works best for you.

Looking for more kitchen storage ideas? Read 9 Secret Places That Can Add Storage To Your Small Kitchen.

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