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Deck Painting Ideas

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By on Mar 30, 2017
Deck Painting Ideas

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Your deck is an outdoor space that’s made to enjoy. It allows you to enjoy time in the backyard with family and friends comfortably. But our decks could use an upgrade like many other parts of the home.

One solution many homeowners turn to is painting their deck. This is an easy way to refresh your look and bring color to the exterior of the home. It’s also a fun DIY project if you choose to go that route. See a few deck painting ideas to inspire your next project.

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Deck Painting Ideas

Budget Your Paint Project

Like any paint project, it’s important to plan ahead for what you can expect financially. First, you’ll need to account for any paint and supplies you’ll be using. One gallon of paint can cover up to 400sf, but don’t forget to add about 10% waste allowance.

What you may not account for before beginning your project is any repairs. If a part of the deck is rotting or cracked, that needs to be replaced before you start painting. A decking pro can help with this. The average cost to repair a deck is $1,353, with most homeowners spending between $859 and $1,406.

Deck Painting

Best Deck Paint

Selecting the proper deck paint is another important part of this project. Since this paint will be exposed to many elements. You may be choosing to paint to give your old deck a fresh look. It’s a good and budget-friendly choice to do so. It covers up imperfections that stain simply can’t. The best deck paint is specifically formulated for your projects. In fact, the only paint you should be using for a paint project like this is a specific deck paint. Regular paint can trap water in the wood, while specifically formulated deck paints will allow moisture to escape, reducing the risk of rot.

There are many brands available that sell deck specific paint that can withstand weathering and is durable to foot traffic. These paints will often also reduce the risk of splintering and cracking, creating a smooth finish for your deck.

Deck Paint

Pool Deck Paint

When painting a pool deck, water damage can be a huge issue to consider. Not only do pool decks have high traffic, but they may stay consistently wet during the summertime. For pool decks, it’s a good idea to seal them first.

When it comes to color, keep with the décor of your current setting. A white or beige will go great in this area to differentiate from the pool edge and the deck. Since safety is key around the pool, consider using a textured deck paint in a different color to avoid any slips.

Deck Paint Ideas

Solid Color Deck Paint

Often, homeowners opt for a color on their deck. This can be a mostly neutral wood tone to give it a refreshed look. A solid color deck painting project will result in a clean looking deck with fast results. This is a great option for anyone looking to refresh their deck or preparing for a home sale.

Paint Stripes

Striped Deck Paint

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For a modern look that stands out, try a striped pattern for your deck paint project! This can be two neutral tones, like a beige and white or two-toned hues like different shades of blue. Some choose to paint in the direction of the boards while others prefer a chunky vertical stripe. Paint to fit your taste and add a unique style to the backyard!

Deck Painting Tips

Pop Of Color Deck Paint

If you’re looking for a bit of color but not ready to commit to painting the entire deck, try painting a few geometric shapes on the deck for just a pop of color. This will give you a unique look without sacrificing the natural look of the deck. With lighter colors, beware that it might be more sensitive to scratching and damage. This may have to be touched up once a season to keep the color looking great.

Abstract Design Deck Paint

For a truly unique deck, you must get creative. While it might take more time, you can DIY your favorite pattern or design right on to the deck. Use stencils and painter's tape to get the pattern you love. Chevron stripes in various colors are hot right now. You can easily create the popular Damask pattern with a few stencils. If you need pattern inspiration, check out Alisia Burke’s decking project, where she created her own painted deck pattern using various shapes, colors and patterns. A little extra effort is worth the beautiful result!


A fresh coat of paint for a backyard deck can truly transform it into something new. If you’re looking for a DIY project to complete in the backyard, this is it! Take a sunny weekend and refresh the look of your deck.

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