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  • 7 DIY Ways To Make Your Patio Awesome

    On top of the classic or standard patios, there are numerous ways to really make your patio stand out. The best part is that you don’t need a professional contractor to make yours the most talked about patio on the block.

    By Jacob Hurwith Apr 21, 2014
  • 5 Maintenance Items Deck Owners Must Know

    Decks are perfect for hosting parties and can greatly influence your curb appeal. In order to keep that flawless curb appeal, you must maintain them just like any other room in the home.

    By Jacob Hurwith Apr 10, 2014
  • The 9 Greatest Patio Designs In America

    Patio designs can take many forms, but you know you have a winner when you refuse to leave your newly installed patio. Once you’ve seen these nine great patios, you’ll ponder why you never installed your own.

    By Jacob Hurwith Apr 10, 2014
  • DIY Tips For How To Refinish A Deck

    When it comes to deck maintenance, there are two distinct approaches: You can either let the wood age to a natural gray or you can refinish it every few years.

    By ImproveNet Guest Author Apr 2, 2014
  • DIY Tips for How to Build a Brick-on-Sand Patio

    A brick patio or walkway in your yard is a perfect accent for your house, plus being highly practical. Such a project is easier than you might think-particularly because there is no mortar involved.

    By ImproveNet Guest Author Mar 31, 2014
  • How To Build A Patio: Tips & Tricks

    All patios and walkways must have some type of base to keep them from shifting, sinking, and becoming uneven.

    By ImproveNet Guest Author Mar 31, 2014
  • DIY Tips For How To Install Drywall

    Installing drywall, also called wallboard and Sheetrock (a U.S. Gypsum brand name) isn't easy.

    By ImproveNet Guest Author Mar 19, 2014
  • How To Design A Patio

    When planning your patio, keep in mind that it should be thought of as an outdoor room. As such, it will be an extension of the house. When people walk into your house, what do they often notice first?

    By ImproveNet Guest Author Oct 21, 2013
  • Patio Materials for Covers, Roofs, Decking and More

    Patio materials are traditionally some form of masonry or stone, such as concrete, flagstone, brick, or crushed gravel.

    By ImproveNet Guest Author Oct 4, 2013