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Deep Cleaning Tips For Your Kitchen

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By on May 31, 2017
Deep Cleaning Tips For Your Kitchen

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Kitchens are beautiful, most of the time. Regardless of your style, a dirty kitchen can ruin your look. While you may clean it regularly or after meals, every six months, you should deep clean your kitchen to avoid buildup and more.

Luckily, it only takes an afternoon to get your kitchen perfectly clean again. While it’s not the most glamourous chore, it must be done! So, get out your cleaning supplies, put on your favorite music and use these tips to deep clean your kitchen to make it sparkle again.

If you haven’t deep cleaned your kitchen before, you might want to get a little extra help! Contact a cleaning contractor today for up to four quotes from contractors in your area for free.

Cleaning The Kitchen

Cleaning Costs

Deep cleaning the kitchen can be a tedious process and in some cases, may take special solutions to really get it back to good condition. A cleaning service can help you get your kitchen looking great again without any additional effort needed. The average cost to hire a maid service is $157 with most homeowners spending between $122 and $167. You’ll get peace of mind that the job was done right.

You can cut costs by DIYing some of these kitchen tasks yourself. However, for cases where odors are powerful or there are stubborn stains and grime, a pro will be able to help you find the right solution.

Deep Cleaning Tips For Your Kitchen

Cleaning Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets are subject to grease, stains and more that can decrease their look over time. You may not think about them that often, but you’ll start to notice when they get dirty. There are multiple options to clean your kitchen cabinets. While regular care with an all-purpose cleaner can help, for a deep clean, you might need a solution to break up grease and grime. Your basic dish detergent and water is a great solution to remove greasy spots on your cabinets. Be sure to dry thoroughly when complete so water residue doesn’t harm your cabinetry. 

Cleaning Kitchen Sink

Cleaning The Kitchen Sink

Do you have a lingering smell in your kitchen? It could be because of a dirty sink. Consider all the waste that goes into them and you might wonder why you’re not already cleaning them regularly. Get rid of odors by first scrubbing your sink basin with a baking soda paste, rinsing it down with vinegar and a few drops of your favorite essential oil. It’s a good idea to replace your sponge when you’ve finished this process as well, as they can also harbor odors if not changed regularly.

Cleaning Kitchen Floors

Cleaning Kitchen Floors

While routinely sweeping after every meal is important to pick up food and spills, you may not catch them all. Depending on the type of floors you have, food and liquids can get stuck in cracks, causing staining and odors. Do a deep clean of your kitchen floors with hot soapy water and a microfiber cloth. Be sure to get in the corners and underneath cabinets. If you’re cleaning tile, be sure to spend extra time scrubbing your grout as well.

Deep Cleaning Tips

Cleaning The Refrigerator

Keeping the refrigerator clean on a regular basis can be a challenge, especially with multiple people in the household storing lunches and leftovers. But a deep clean of your refrigerator goes beyond removing old food. While this is an important routine, a deep clean of the refrigerator starts with removing shelves if possible and washing them in the sink. If you can’t remove the shelves, you should give them a good scrub with warm, soapy water and then rinse with a damp rag. Repeat this step for the rest of the interior of the refrigerator and dry before replacing with any food.

It’ a good idea to wipe down any build-up on condiment bottles that might stick to the drawers, making your refrigerator dirty. You can also use a baking soda box to eliminate any odors that may occur between cleanings.

Cleaning The Dishwasher

Another source of odors and bacteria is your dishwasher. You may not consider it as a source of dirt, since it’s an appliance designed to clean, but odors can develop from leftover food or dirty dishes that have been left in for too long. There are multiple methods to clean your dishwasher with items you likely have at home right now. To see how, read How To Clean Your Dishwasher.

Cleaning Tile & Grout

Cleaning Kitchen Tile & Grout

If you truly want your kitchen to sparkle and shine, you must restore your tile and grout back to its original look. With light colored grout, this is especially important to eliminate stains and discoloring. For both your kitchen tile floor and backsplash, you’ll want to give it a deep clean at least once a year. For cases of extreme discoloration, you may want to contact a pro. The average cost to clean tile and grout is $412, with most homeowners spending between $305 and $451.


Your kitchen can harbor germs, odors, grease and food debris that can make it unpleasant. While regular cleaning may eliminate some of these problems, it’s a good idea to do a deep clean on a few of these items at least once a year, if not more. Use a few of these tips to get your kitchen looking like new again!

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