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Designing A Tiny Bathroom With A Shower

By on Jan 14, 2016
Designing A Tiny Bathroom With A Shower


If your place happens to be on the small side, then opting for a good shower room instead of a traditional bathroom can be a very practical choice. Removing the bath and going for a useful shower enclosure should give you a good amount of space to move around, making it less claustrophobic in return. Each room can be transformed into a good-looking and useful shower room if you play your cards right.

Smart design will allow you to enjoy a more comfortable space you can work with, something your whole household can use. Smart storage solutions can also create a great, clutter-free zone where you can move things around with relative ease. The best way you can make use of a compact space you need to work with is to completely turn it into a wet room. Have matching tiles for both floors and walls and you will create the illusion of space you may not have. 

Making A Gray Slate Shower Room

If you believe a wet room goes too far, then you can work on installing a complete frameless shower screen from floor-to-ceiling and you will have the same results. Good cubbyhole storage will allow you to place belongings in the bathroom without it looking too cramped as a result of your renovation efforts.

See how to create a terrific shower room that is short of space:

1. Making A High Gloss Shower Room

This can be achieved by maximizing extra space by installing a recessed mirror. This should easily allow you to add a good bit of shelving without making the room feel too claustrophobic. You should also use high gloss tiles in a single color, as this will allow you to reflect light. You may also add floating storage, as this will keep the floor space clear and easy to deal with.

Limestone Shower

2. Making A Gray Slate Shower Room

This is another potential solution you can work with, choosing to make use of a frameless shower screen instead. You can make use of a recessed shelf for your products, keeping them out of the way for when you need them. If you want to make the place look even more welcoming, you can add some LED lights for effect.

3. Limestone Shower


You can make a great-looking limestone shower by combining wall tiles with the matching flooring. If you cover the rest in the same stone, you will have a great and uniform look that appears traditional and perfect for a smaller bathroom. Using a floor-to-ceiling shower screen will also add to the perception of height in the room as well.

Lighting In A Shower Room

4. Lighting In A Shower Room

You can help brighten up the shower room in your home with some lighter-colored tiles, using them all the way from the floor to your ceiling. If you don’t have all that much space to begin with, then you should use a small corner sink instead to use the limited space as much as possible without it getting in the way.

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Yes, it is ideal to have both a shower and a bath in the bathroom, but when you are short of space, some sacrifice one for the other. Many of us agree that a spacious and luxurious shower is well worth the sacrifice of a bathroom with no tub.

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