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DIY Dollar Store Home Décor Ideas

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By on Aug 10, 2016
DIY Dollar Store Home Décor Ideas

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When you love to DIY, you see everything differently. Recyclable goods can suddenly become a household treasure with just a bit of paint and glue. You’re always on the hunt for the next crafty solution, with a glue gun in hand.

If you can relate, the dollar store should be the next stop on your to-do list. With a few simple tricks, it’s easy to turn cheap items into something classy and unique. So get out your craft supplies as you review a few DIY home décor ideas that add style to any room, without breaking the bank.

Cake Stand

DIY Cake & Serving Stand

This is one of my favorite dollar store DIY tricks. Cake and serving stands can cost a fortune, especially if you don’t entertain regularly. Pick up a few clear, glass candlesticks and some plates. If you have some old ones you love, but can no longer use, this could be a great way to upcycle them. Flip the plate upside down and mark the center point of the plate. Hot glue the candlestick and let cool completely. Flip it over and you have yourself a new and unique serving stand.

If you’d rather have the cake stand be all one color, spray paint the stand in a well ventilated area. Metallic colors make for a very chic look. To keep it food safe, finish with a shellac spray and let dry before using.

Dressed Up Mirror

Dressed Up Mirror

Take your old mirror from drab to fab with a few useful tricks. With a round mirror, you’ll need to purchase a clear acrylic tray and a bag or two of your favorite colored flat-back accent gems, depending on the mirror size. Using a craft adhesive glue, attach the mirror to the center of the acrylic tray. Once the mirror is dry, begin gluing the accent gems around the mirror, close together so they cover any open spaces. Wait for the glue to dry on all pieces completely and hang using a command hook for easy removal.

Another trendy idea is to create a sunburst mirror, which can instantly brighten up any room. Depending on the size of your mirror, you will need a bag or two of wooden skewers. Spray paint the skewers in a silver or gold metallic color. Once the skewers have dried, hot glue them on to the back of the mirror one by one.

See Popsugar’s complete tutorial for more details on how to complete this project.

Marbled Mugs

Marbled Coffee Mugs

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Custom coffee mugs make for a great gift or a unique way to update your kitchen. To complete this project, you’ll need a few bottles of cheap nail polish in your favorite color, a plastic tub you don’t mind getting dirty, painter’s tape, clear finishing spray, and finally, some clean mugs from the dollar store. They don’t have to be white, but this works best with lighter colors.

Fill the plastic tub with water and pour the shades of nail polish into the tub. Wrap the top of the mug in painter’s tape so nail polish doesn’t interfere with your beverage. Use the handle of the mug dip and swirl the mug where the nail polish is afloat. If you wish to color the handle as well, you’ll have to wait until the rest is dry. When you’re done adding color to your mug, use nail polish remover to get out any nail polish on the inside of the mug. Finish with the clear spray and remove the painter’s tape when it’s done drying. You have now transformed your dollar store mug into an interesting piece of kitchen décor!

Candle Holders

A dollar store project can’t get simpler than the upside down wine glass candle holder. If you like to change your home décor seasonally, this is a great project for you. Simply purchase one to three wine glasses from the dollar store, various sizes of pillar candles and a small mirror. What you will be doing is flipping the wine glass upside down on the mirror and the candle on top. You have two options for the cup of the glass.

  • Fill with seasonal items, such as an ornament for the holidays, fake flowers for spring or small candies and plastic spiders for Halloween. The options are endless, but it will keep the look different and unique.
  • Paint and design with your favorite glass paint. This is a permanent look that visitors will want to copy.

Bow Wreath

DIY Holiday Decorations

The dollar store should be your go to when it comes to decorating for the holidays. You can use many items to create the perfect festive look for your home.

Homemade Ornaments

Give your ornaments a bit of glitz. Purchase a set of clear ornaments from the dollar store and a few tubes of glitter. I prefer to use gold, green and red. Using a funnel, fill the ornament about a quarter of the way with glitter and shake. Use ribbon in lieu of a hook to add an extra decorative touch.

Bow Christmas Wreath

Create a wreath that will last from season to season. Pick up a Styrofoam wreath and a few bags of bows. Peel the backing off of the bows and stick on. However, to make it even more long-lasting, attach with a dab of hot glue. Work your way around the wreath, from the inside out until the whole wreath is covered. To hang, string some ribbon around and place in a place to impress!

Ornament Magnets

Holiday festivities aren’t limited to the living room. Grab a colorful pack of ornaments from the dollar store and hot glue a magnet on the back. Let dry and place on your refrigerator to spread holiday cheer throughout the house.


Home décor does not have to be expensive to look great. You can create stylish DIY decorations for your home on a budget. Your guests will be asking where you got it and you can surprise them by telling them you made it yourself!

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