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DIY Headboards For Your Bedroom

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By on Apr 24, 2017
DIY Headboards For Your Bedroom

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The basics of Feng Shui teaches us that the arrangement of your physical space can affect your emotions and feelings. Your bedroom is the space where you start and end the day, so its décor can impact your mood the most. If you find yourself waking up or going to bed in a bad mood, you might want to think about changing your bedroom décor.

One prominent feature that’s often overlooked is your headboard. If you have one already or have been thinking about adding one to your bedroom set, it’s a good idea to consider an option that best reflects your personality. A DIY headboard might be the answer for your style and budget. See a few DIY headboard ideas that will help you create a bedroom all your own.

A headboard may help, but in some cases, your bedroom might need a complete makeover for you to truly be able to rest and relax. Contact a remodeling pro today for up to four quotes from contractors in your area for free.

DIY Headboards For Your Bedroom

DIY Tips

Before beginning any DIY project, you should always review DIY safety tips to ensure you’re prepared. After all, you’re responsible for the outcome of this project, so if you’re not familiar with the tools or technique it takes to complete it, you might want to contact a pro who can help.

While some DIY headboards can be done for those with little experience, other projects might require a saw or other power tools to put together. Review how to operate these tools before beginning.

Styles Of Headboards

Did you know that there are names for the variety of headboard styles that exist? This can help you identify your look as you begin to plan your DIY headboard project. Here are a few common shapes:

  • Alexander
  • Redcliffe
  • Grosvenor
  • York
  • Berkeley
  • Hanover
  • Russell

DIY Wood Headboard

DIY Wood Headboard

For a traditional look that will never go out of style, a wood headboard is a great choice for your bedroom décor. However, for this DIY headboard, you may need a bit more experience as often building one takes precise measurements and the use of a table saw. For a rustic look, try using reclaimed or salvaged wood for your headboard. To see how you can make your own DIY wood headboard, read this tutorial from DesignSponge.

DIY Headboards

DIY Upholstered Headboard

Upholstered furniture is a great look for any room in the home. In your bedroom, an upholstered headboard could be just the touch it needs. The average cost to upholster furniture is $622, with most homeowners spending between $411 and $706. However, you can reduce the costs dramatically by making it a DIY upholstered headboard project. For simple shapes, you’ll need the size wood you’ll be using for your headboard, foam padding and fabric. Lay the wood on top of the foam. Using a staple gun, pull the foam taut and staple to the board. Do the same with your fabric, ensuring the pieces stay straight and secure.

DIY Tufted Headboard

DIY Tufted Headboard

If you want to give your upholstered headboard a little extra flair, try creating a DIY tufted headboard. While upholstery is the first step, you’ll need to attach sturdy buttons to achieve the look. Diamond tufts give the impression of elegance to your bedroom without spending a fortune. To see how you can get the look, see this tutorial from Home Made By Carmona.

DIY Pallet Headboard

As reusing old materials is a current design trend, pallet headboards are becoming more popular. A DIY Pallet headboard is a great project for beginners. To complete this project, you’ll likely need to cut and stain the pallet wood to avoid any splinters. Depending on how much work you’d like to put into your new DIY headboard and the style you choose, it could be as simple as drilling the pallets together or constructing something new. There are many tutorials available for you to choose from depending on what style you’d like.

DIY Door Bed

DIY Door Headboard

For those just beginning in DIY, a door headboard might be the unique solution you’re looking for. This is a great way to upcycle an old door you may have or find at a second-hand store. You’ll need to have a little painting experience for this project, as it’s likely that the old door will need to be repainted. To see how you can do this in your home, read this tutorial from Interior Frugalista.

Bedroom Headboards

What To Add To Your DIY Headboard

With any DIY project, you can easily customize it to your needs. Add a few extra pieces to include shelving or charging station. Hanging lights on DIY headboards have become increasingly popular. There are many easy DIY headboard lighting options you can incorporate, from string lighting you just place over the frame to light fixtures that attach on to your headboard. The possibilities are endless.


If Feng Shui has taught us anything, it’s that your space reflects how you feel. Start and end your day right by improving your bedroom to reflect a style you love.

Looking for more ways to turn your bedroom into a sanctuary? Read 7 Effortless Ways to Brighten Your Bedroom.

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