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DIY Tips for How To Paint A Fiberglass Door

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By on Apr 14, 2016
DIY Tips for How To Paint A Fiberglass Door

Are you tired of the color of a door in your home but think you can't paint it because it's made out of fiberglass? Then you will be happy to know that fiberglass doors can be successfully painted. Painting your front door is a great way to renovate or update your home's style. Follow these tips to create a brand new look.

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To Hang or Not to Hang?

If you have experience hanging doors, you might want to remove your fiberglass door in order to paint it. This is what professional painters do. However, if you don't have such experience, you can paint it exactly where it is; you will just need to be careful about painting around the hardware and any glass windows the door may have. 

If the door has already been painted once, it's a good idea to strip off the old paint first. You can do this with a chemical stripping solution found at any paint or hardware store. Don't leave the stripper on for too long though, because it can eat through the fiberglass. Paint the solution on the door, and then remove it with a putty knife. The knife should remove the old paint easily.


Clean the door before you paint it. You can use mineral spirits or a gentle dish detergent. After cleaning the door, wait until the door is entirely dry before you begin painting. You might want to clean it at night before going to bed and then start your paint job the next morning.

Before you start painting, place a tarp or newspapers on the floor. You can also use masking or painter's tape to cover any hardware including door handles and knockers. Make sure to give yourself plenty of room to move around while you're painting. Also, open windows so any paint odors can dissipate easily.


Use Quality Paint

Use top quality paint only. Cheap paint on fiberglass will go on blotchy and might even run. Paints that can be used on fiberglass will be stated on the can. 

Brush & Roll

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If the fiberglass door is completely flat, you can use a paint brush to cut around the edges and a roller to paint the rest of the door. If there are any recesses, you will have more brush work to do. Take your time and apply thin, even coats. Your door will look much better if you put on two thin coats of paint as opposed to one thick coat.

Once you are done, let the door dry completely before you put all your painting tools away. This is because it is relatively easy to miss a small space while painting. Once the door is completely dry, look at it sideways to see if you missed anything and touch up as needed.

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