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DIY Tips For How To Remove Wallpaper Glue

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By on Aug 24, 2020
DIY Tips For How To Remove Wallpaper Glue

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Whether you're renovating your kitchen or remodeling your bathroom, you might want to update the walls by removing the existing wallpaper and giving the space a fresh new look. Even after the paper is off the walls, however, you might notice a sticky residue that gets left behind. This is wallpaper glue, and it can be a challenge to remove. Here are some of the best DIY tips to get rid of wallpaper glue and have a flat, clean surface for painting.

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Vinegar Mixture

One of the cheapest and most effective ways to remove wallpaper glue from the walls is with a simple vinegar solution. You can use whatever vinegar you already have in your cupboards as both white distilled vinegar and apple cider vinegar work well.

How to Remove Wallpaper Glue with Vinegar

  1. Mix equal amounts of vinegar and water into a bottle.
  2. Spray mixture onto the affected wall area.
  3. After just a few minutes, the acidity of the vinegar will break apart the sticky glue residue.
  4. Wipe up with a sponge or a rag. 

Heavy-Duty Sponging

If you don't have any vinegar at home or even if you just want to try something else, this solution can be a great way to remove wallpaper glue from the walls.

How to Remove Wallpaper Glue with Heavy-Duty Sponging

  1. In a large bucket, mix together hot water and a large spoonful of dish detergent until it is frothed up and soapy.
  2. Soak a heavy-duty sponge into the mixture. Choose a sponge that has one rough side and one smooth side. You can stick with the smooth side for most of the project, but utilize the rough side if necessary.
  3. Simply use the sponge and the soap mixture to clean the walls. This approach takes some elbow grease, but it doesn't require much in the way of expensive materials.
  4. Once the residue is off the walls, wipe them down with a clean rag to ensure that no excess water soaks into the wall.

Professional Help

Removing wallpaper glue is not a tricky project, but it can require a lot of time and effort. This is especially true if you are removing wallpaper in the entire home. Thankfully, you can hire professional assistance if required. You can choose to hire a contractor to remove the wallpaper and the glue at once, which will cost an average of $848 in the United States. If it is just the glue that needs to be removed, you might be better off paying for a professional cleaning service to tackle the project for less than $200.

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