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  • Video: How To Make A Shelf

    From clothing to housewares, where should it all go? Watch this video to see how you can make your own storage shelf.

    By Jaclyn Crawford Feb 22, 2017
  • Natural Remedies For Stain Removal

    Many homeowners are looking for stain removal solutions that don’t involve harsh chemicals. See a few natural stain removal tips that can refresh your fabric.

    By Jaclyn Crawford Jan 26, 2017
  • Tips To Remove Plaster Walls

    Considering removing plaster walls in your home? This is not a DIY project for the inexperienced. See a few of our tips on how to remove plaster walls.

    By Jaclyn Crawford Jan 25, 2017
  • 7 Ways To Remove Pet Odors From Your Home

    Pets are a joy to have around, but very few of us want our home smelling like cat or dog. Freshen up with these tips to get pet odors out of the home.

    By Jaclyn Crawford Jan 23, 2017
  • How To Repair A Broken Stair Tread

    Say goodbye to noisy steps! If you’re an experienced DIY-er, see how you can replace a stair tread and repair creaking stairs.

    By Jaclyn Crawford Jan 22, 2017
  • Refresh Old Wood Furniture With Paint

    Have an old item you’re not ready to get rid of? Before you decide to toss it, give it a new look with a fresh coat of paint!

    By Jaclyn Crawford Jan 16, 2017
  • 8 DIY Projects That Add Value To Your Home

    DIY home projects can be fun and add value to your home. If you’re looking for a new DIY project to take on, we have your list here.

    By Jaclyn Crawford Jan 15, 2017
  • Easy Kitchen Updates To Complete In An Afternoon

    You can change the look of your kitchen in no time at all! Try a few of these easy kitchen updates and transform your space.

    By Jaclyn Crawford Nov 30, 2016
  • The DIY Guide To Major Home Projects You Can Do Yourself

    Ready to start your next DIY project? This guide will cover common home projects you can accomplish yourself.

    By Jaclyn Crawford Nov 18, 2016
  • How To Prepare For A Stress-Free Holiday Feast

    The words stress-free should be music to your ears, especially when talking about the holidays. See tips for preparing a stress-free holiday feast.

    By Katie Carlson Oct 31, 2016
  • How To Put A Fresh Shine On Old Countertops

    The cleaner & shinier the better, however, there isn’t a universal method for putting a fresh shine on countertops. Learn how to instantly improve counters.

    By Katie Carlson Oct 17, 2016
  • 4 Secrets To A Shiny-Clean Stove

    If there’s one appliance homeowner’s fear cleaning the most, it’s their stove. Make your cooktop sparkle with these four secrets to a shiny-clean stove.

    By Katie Carlson Sep 30, 2016